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How can I create a simple puzzle game? — Gideros Forum

How can I create a simple puzzle game?

burakkilicburakkilic Member
edited March 2013 in Game & application design

I want to create a very simple picture puzzle game. Let's say I will have 8x8 = 64 tiles (rectangles). the only thing to do is to drag shuffled tiles one by one on a blurry (alpha 0.6 or something) image, and when the rectangle is very near to the true coordinates, it will stick to the background. Where should I start?


  • unlyingunlying Guru
    Accepted Answer
    Funny question:) Start Gideros and create new project:)
    I have a crappy code with very simple puzzle game.
    I don't really have a time to make it clear and create comments, but may be it will help you.

    In puzzle.lua
    on puzzle:init you'll choose image at random, cut it to many rectangles and shuffle on a screen
    on puzzle:onMouseDown(event) you'll catch a piece of puzzle.
    on puzzle:onMouseMove(event) you'll drag it.
    on puzzle:onMouseUp(event) position will be checked. If it will be right, piece of puzzle will be hold at this position and you will listen a sound.

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  • Thank you very much.

    I am getting puzzle.lua:88: mus/yes.mp3: No such file or directory.

    although I have the files in the folder.
  • Try to remove it from gideros(in gideros project, not in windows) folder and add again in same folder. Should works.
  • Ok, it is working now. Thank you
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