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Gideros player goes very slow — Gideros Forum

Gideros player goes very slow

MysiaGamesMysiaGames Member
edited March 2013 in General questions
At first I have my game working fine on iPad, tested from PC with Gideros Player. I've added a new class to choose levels from the game, this means many little images, and now the game doesn't run on iPad or Android Gideros Player, only i can see run a little intro very slow and never reach to load the next class (Menu screen). I've use Timer to load tha next class and i've never have problems with this before.

It's terrible how bad the fps go down. Is there a limit for the Ipad and Android Gideros player?. I see the PC Emulator work fine with the game on it. I need to group my images on a texturePack? Big images cause slowdown on the performance? I reduced drastically the weight of new images, but still the game hangs at the intro.


  • I forgot to add I recently updated Gideros Studio to 2012.9.9. Tha player on my iPad and Android is compiled from September version.
  • Well, i redone the project class per class on another directory and i found why the program stop after the intro. It's weird because there is no change in this code, but it doesn't work and the program halt here without error messages:

    fontGame = Font.new("images/font_score.txt", "images/font_score.png")

    I've redone again with Gideros font creator. But the execution hangs there. Any idea how it could happen?
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