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Test for apk size

zoolaxzoolax Member
edited February 2013 in User experience
I have just done a test.
I have already started developing my app using Corona sdk,before the transitions to Gidros.
So I translated the same codes in Gideros after the transition.(of course it was,and it is WIP)
In my both project folders I have the same amount of codes,arts,(assets).
Actually in my Gideros project I have a bit more.(1 MG more)
I have made sure to export the whole current project from Gideros.(deselecting Export assets only)
After building the final apk(ready for installation for android 4.2)

Gideros sdk : apk size =14,146 KB
Corona Sdk : apk size = 33.053 KB

I am happy I can save that much .
By the way I got a 1st generation ipad,and kindle today.(I never owned a phone.or tablet;))
I started testing my app using Gideros player(wi-fi) ,and apk installation.
It is great.

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