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Audio file formats (beware of mp3 patents) — Gideros Forum

Audio file formats (beware of mp3 patents)

ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
edited November 2012 in General questions
So what audio formats are actually supported by Gideros? What formats are you using?

I know that wav are used for sound effects and mp3 for background music.

Reason I'm asking is because we would like to use some alternatives as ogg format, so the question is, what is a better alternative supported by Gideros.

Here is an article describing patent of mp3

The MP3 licensing website states at time of writing that an MP3 license will cost US $2,500 per game title. In their own words, a game is described as:

“Interactive software products intended to interact with a user for entertainment (action, role play, strategy, adventure, simulations, racing, sport, arcade, card and board games) and/or education, that may be published for multiple machines, platforms or media”

There is a small saving grace:

“No license fees are due if less than 5,000 copies of a particular game title are distributed”

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