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gideros player 'run last session' feature request — Gideros Forum

gideros player 'run last session' feature request

keszeghkeszegh Member
edited October 2012 in Suggestions & requests
so the title explains all, many times i have my tablet next to me and have a bit of time to test my game (or just play with it) to find bugs etc. but not in all case is my computer next to me or it is not switched on, so i cannot test the latest build of my app, except if beforehand i exported to apk and installed. so i think it would be quite handy if in the gideros (android) player settings menu (there is no such thing so far) i could say 'run last session' (or even in the main page of the gideros player, there is plenty of place left for this). of course for the desktop players this is less useful, but for the device players that would be a great feature. (and it seems that it should be easy to add this feature)

on a sidenote i repeat my request for multiple play buttons, at least two, one for running on desktop player, one for running on the device player. now when i switch between these i always have to go into some submenu to change the ip. (i think in a private message i was assured that these feature is on its way, so i just wanted to make public, maybe others will find it helpful too).


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