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Hi, Shane Avery here... — Gideros Forum

Hi, Shane Avery here...

averydcaverydc Member
edited December 2011 in Introduce yourself
I am a web developer with a background in HTML5/Javascript and CouchDB. I have also dabbled in Object Pascal development using Lazarus/FPC. I came your way because the HTML5 games I developed so far do not perform well on mobile browsers at this time (especially physics based games). So far, I am very impressed with what Gideros offers, and your future pricing model is very attractive to me.

I am new to LUA, but my background in OOps (Javascript, Object Pascal) should make it easy to learn, since you have implemented LUA tables as objects in your framework. Thanks for doing that.

I read this article online about your company: http://www.mo.com/gideros-mobile . I am Looking forward to working with you as you develop your product. I hope I can add valuable input along the way. I consider this a "ground floor opportunity" for mobile game developers to help shape a tool that has so much potential.



  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for your support. Really glad to hear :)

    Just to be sure I understood your intention - if we were to open source parts of our framework, would you be interested in contributing?

    In any way (whether you intent to contribute to the core, or develop your own game), we are glad to help you as much/fast as we can :)

  • Hello Gorkem,

    What I had in mind is supporting your efforts by creating games, writing LUA code and contributing it to the community, creating tutorials, and perhaps when I get to know my way around a little better, writing plug-ins (when this is implemented). I would be providing feedback on these forums as I learn and create.

    I had not considered that you would open source parts of your framework. I am not experienced with C++, but Object Pascal has some similarities. I am not opposed to learning and coding with it. So to answer your question, I would be interested in contributing to what you open source, but I would not be of too much use to you at first.


  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Thanks, Shane. Really appreciated. We are especially lacking good quality tuts that help endusers to kickstart with Gideros environment. There are several small examples in wiki but the more the beteer :)

    We are thinking of open sourcing parts of IDE, but this just a plan and we'll see how community will react to it.

    Thanks! :)
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