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Fragmenter - animated loop machine — Gideros Forum

Fragmenter - animated loop machine

you can check it out here, if you like it, leave a review:

also any comments on this forum are welcome. there will be a donate version soon as well, so you can support me if you like.

more details if you are not yet bored:
currently i have no job and decided to develop this app, which i made already for windows in different incarnations, but never made them public. this mobile version took more than a month to reach this stage. i think this app contains some original ideas (do you agree?), so it may be interesting for some people., although it aims at a niche market. anyway, i never seriously thought that i will become rich from it, so that's no problem. still i'm interested if anybody will buy the donate version. whatever.

btw i changed the animating engine from shapes to meshes and it became much faster, although the drawing quality is still far from perfect, perhaps opengl 2.0 will be a solution for this as well.

old stuff from the announcement of the beta version:
i don't have a google play store account so the app is not there sadly. my problem is that coming from slovakia i don't have the rights to upload payed apps whereas i wanted to upload a donate/pro version as well later so that i have the chance to get support from people who like the app. if you know any workaround for this problem, please tell me. i was quite disappointed to learn this when i was already complete with the app (although i have many ideas to develop it further, yet for many reasons - main one is that i cannot upload payed app to play store - i had to stop at this stage). i plan to develop it further though, so any feedback is welcome.

during development i realized that a 'game'-oriented programming enviroment is maybe not what i need to develop such an app yet i wanted to stay cross-platform and i did as3 before, so i still prefer gideros (i did not see any better alternative). i'm waiting for rendertotexture so that i can add saving functionality to the app.

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