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sprite vs group

mumujamumuja Member
edited September 2011 in General questions
It seems that sprite is not actually sprite in the normal sense in gideros? It is more like a hierarchical group as opposed to a visual animation

Sprite as far as I know, is an animated object that can be programmatically controlled such as, after input from texture packer
you can call something like sprite:play(), sprite:loop(), sprite:stop(), pause etc

and right now to animate things, it is rather manual because it calls enterframe? I am not sure how this would affect performance too, considering enterframe is almost always bad..


  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    The sprite concept of Gideros is similar to the sprite concept of AS3 where you can addChild, removeChild, etc. But if you say Bitmap, TextField, Shape, etc. does not necessarily inherit from Sprite, you're right :)

    After we add tween and movieclips to Gideros, you can eliminate some (or most) of the enterframe events. Also animating sprites in enterframe is not bad. We didn't meet performance problems with many independent sprites with enterframe events. But tweening support in the core API is better solution (considering performance and ease of use).
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