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Lights and real-time shadows — Gideros Forum

Lights and real-time shadows

niall_obrienniall_obrien Member
edited August 2012 in General questions
Hey guys, just wondering if a lighting system is/has been developed that allows for realtime shadows etc.
If you're unsure what I mean exactly, the below video should make it very apparent. I know he used Unity, but that shouldn't be an excuse! :)
We will need more advanced features as Gideros expands to the desktop market...


  • Hmm, that really looks like raycasting of box2d objects.

    Last time I checked Gideros supports ray casting, need to check out if something like this would be possible ;)
  • That's completely different to dynamic soft shadows:
  • hi @niall_obrien,

    is what @ar2sawseen suggested that different from what you are trying to achieve?
    I thought that soft shadows were basically made from ray casting with a few cosmetic tricks (distance, emitter intensity, receiver opacity, etc...).

    To answer your question, I don't think that I have seen an implementation of dynamic soft shadows made in Gideros.
    Have you searched on the side of plugins?

    Also, does your game need real time soft shadows?
    Wouldn't a blob shadow, or an inverted dark copy of your main characters deformed with setMatrix() + baked shadows do the trick?

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  • That's just it, I'm new - haven't explored Gideros fully yet, but would like to know what's possible and what's not possible before choosing a platform.
    You see, I'm looking for the ideal platform for both desktop and mobile game development. I know Gideros has desktop deployment on its roadmap.
  • MellsMells Guru
    edited August 2012 Accepted Answer
    Desktop deployment is on the roadmap but how do you plan to develop and release your game?
    Will the desktop version be much different from the mobile?
    If not, if you want to port your game to several platforms with a single code base, then I would advise that you learn a few tricks that make things look good, and that even the biggest companies use so that you won't burden your game too much on the mobile platforms.

    Bake your shadows if necessary, for characters put blob shadows under them, I think it's better to fake shadows than to use it.
    Also, soon you'll be able to set masks and that will be one way to fake, depending on your needs.
    That's what I would do. Even with Unity3d, I would not use real time soft shadows except when it's really needed and adds something to the game.

    So I fully understand your need to make a decision on your tool of choice, but I don't think that real time soft shadows would be a deciding factor because the consensus is often : avoid them.
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  • Very useful answer, thank you @mells.
  • The video reminds me of the iOS game Helsings Fire :)
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  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
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