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How do I get Gideros Player to IPhone — Gideros Forum

How do I get Gideros Player to IPhone

NeilFNeilF Member
edited July 2012 in General questions
Well this is no doubt sounding like a newbie but I am stuck trying to get the iPhone Player to my IPhone. I had no trouble with the Android Player and it's just awesome how the results show so quickly on the device.

I should point out I am a Windows user new to the Mac world and I'm using a Virtual Mac from MacInCloud.com to accomplish this.

And before it's suggested that I need to get the iOS SDK registered and installed - that's all done. In fact recently I was able to install a "beer SDK" app on my iPhone via this Virtual Mac but there were step by step instructions.

The only instructions I can find for this is under the Gideros Deployment text - "You need to extract these zip files and open, build, deploy these projects from Xcode using Mac OS X."

I do have Xcode is running and I can get the player on the Simulator. Just not sure how to build and get it to my iPhone.

I apologize in advance if there are threads about this on the forum but as nice as this forum is the Search results are very confusing, but I digress as that's either a learning curve issue for me or certainly another topic...

Thanks in advance.




  • I just plugged in my iPad / iPhone into my Mac, waited for XCode organiser to recognise them and ask if wanted to use them for development, then selected build / run from the menu.

    Instead of using the simulator the player was built and copied over to my device and "it just worked", obviously it's only valid for as long as your dev certificate is valid but that's normally like 12 month +

    When adding the UIKit plugin - I seem to remember all I had to do was use XCode to add the files to the plugin folder in the project (remembering to select "copy files to destination" option) and again - build, copy, work!
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  • NeilFNeilF Member
    Thanks for the feedback - I will step through it again and see what I get. Perhaps I will have to do the "beer" setup again to see how they did it.

    No doubt using MacInCLoud makes things a bit different - but they do advertise now they support Gideros so I will be working to prove them right!

    Perhaps someone else has some experience here?

    Thanks -Neil
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