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Hi Everyone

talistalis Guru
edited June 2012 in Introduce yourself
Our company is developing mobile appilcations for a long time. Now i especially interested in switching the concept to game developing.
I myself was following Corona SDK for so long time and i remembered the times that it was capable of really some small features. Those times were the good times though when they were listening and developing the framework according to community's requests. Now they changed their priorities and acting according to rules of capitalism. Of course those are my own ideas. Anyway hope Gideros will not follow the footsteps of Ansca.

Let me confess i admire and congratulate the work done here. As far as i saw from the forum, tutorials the community is not so much crowded but effective and friendly. I already started digging out the framework. When i will have something in handy i will be glad to share with you guys.

Take care all.


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