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Missing dependencies when importing into Eclipse — Gideros Forum

Missing dependencies when importing into Eclipse

StoffeStoffe Member
edited November 2011 in Bugs and issues
Exported the project and imported into Eclipse according to instructions. I've built Android projects in Eclipse on this computer before.

beta3 (latest) of Gideros.

Seems some dependencies are missing or wrong, all imports are glowing bright red:


All of those are missing, somehow. At least Android should be properly installed since I've built APKs before (for Phonegap), but I'm not really sure where to start with this. On another Android project I can see a referenced Android 2.3 but don't know how to copy that or if that's even correct.

Cleaning, reimporting and regular tricks like that do nothing. Any ideas where to start debugging this?



  • Working a bit more on this, realized I have a lot of libraries to update, so let me see where I can take this before anyone invests any time (unless it's a known problem).

    Trying it all once again did add the dependencies, then had to fiddle with minimum targets a bit from 7 to 9, then it complained abut a missing "bin/resources.ap_"... now I'm updating all of the Android SDK, let's see where that takes me.
  • Ok, now it seems to work, finally. Guess it was late last night. :)

    Updating everything in Eclipse and reloading and cleaning etc I finally got it to run.

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