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If someone has problems with Dragonbones

YanYan Member
edited February 25 in Announcements
If you use free analog of Dragonbones instead of Spine, you do export your animatoin to Spine format. When exported, 3 files created, one of those files is *.json. If you try to use this files in Gideros Spine plugin, you aint get any errors but Gideros just silently crashes and closes. The problem is that final json from DB aint contains this attribute object

"skeleton": {
"width": 805.05,
"height": 611.44,
"fps": 24,
"hash": " ",
"name": "Armature",
"spine": "3.3" [this section misses when export from DB]

The fast fix is to add this row every time after export manually, or using a script, the simple working example ive attached, you just need copy to export folder and rename to cmd, then run after each export.

It comes from very old version, a very big please to @hgy29 to fix this.

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