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Is there an image or resource cache when developing? — Gideros Forum

Is there an image or resource cache when developing?

RalpharamaRalpharama Member
edited March 2023 in General questions
Can't figure this out. When I change an image in code, the old image is still used. I've restarted the IDE, and the player. I've renamed the image, deleted it entirely and uploaded a completely new image with a new filename and it still uses the old image. If I try and use a filename that doesn't exist it throws an error, but no matter what image I specify, it seems to use the first, original image, like it is cached.
local t1Tex = Texture.new("images/scr1.png") -- no matter what file/name I use it shows the original image!
This shows up in the local player, and when deployed to a mobile device.

Is there a cache or something I can flush, or force the program to use the new image?



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