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How to solve this error? "Execution failed for task: :app:mergeReleaseResources" — Gideros Forum

How to solve this error? "Execution failed for task: :app:mergeReleaseResources"

Apollo14Apollo14 Member
edited December 2021 in Bugs and issues
Hi guys.
I didn't build mobile apps for a while (1-2 years or so). Last Gideros version I used was probably 2019.something.

Now I've downloaded last version of Gideros, 2021.11, and I see that none of my old projects can be compiled. I have Android API 30 in my Android Studio SDK manager.

(mobile development is as shitty as I remember it :smiley: You can't just build an android app without overcoming annoying issues))

When I try to compile just blank gideros android player without assets, the error is still there. How to solve it? Thanks!

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