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Event.APPLICATION_SUSPEND does not work in HTML5 version — Gideros Forum

Event.APPLICATION_SUSPEND does not work in HTML5 version

I added event handling (Event.APPLICATION_SUSPEND, Event.APPLICATION_RESUME) to the Dashing Ball game to pause the game. This doesn't work for the web version.
Tell me, what's not working for the web version yet? Maybe there is a description of the differences of functions on the platforms.
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  • E1e5enE1e5en Member
    edited September 2021
    I saw the solution, how you can pause the game: solution from @SinisterSoft user.
    But the question describing the difference in functionality on the platforms is still open and not completely transparent.

    Alternatively, you can try to track Web API events in a similar way:
    - visibilityEvent
    - focusin_event
    - focusout_event
    Beginner game developer: https://e1e5en.itch.io
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