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Gideros 2020.11 released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2020.11 released

It has been available for download for a few days now, for testers, but hadn't been formally announced yet. Let's fix this.

Gideros 2020.11 improves text edition support functions and text layout, by properly handling a few corner cases, making it better at providing editable text fields. Actual edition code still needs to be written in lua, but gideros helps with text layout and caret positionnng.

Major work has been done in 3D field too: Gideros 2020.11 now comes with reactphysics 0.8 plugin (nice improvemnts over the previous version such as 'trigger' shapes and ability to resize collision shapes after creation, and an overall cleaner design). 3D Library support function have been switched to use lua shaders, and now use a better shadow rendering technique. Lua shaders have been improved to handle some forms of tail calls and more code sequences, as well as geometry instancing.

Once you master them, lua shaders are a killer feature of Gideros, and I'll start a new thread soon with some examples of lua shaders for you to use or modify.

Last thing worth noting: UWP export now requires DX10 feature level, instead of 9.3. I am confident most graphic cards do support DX10 today, and requiring DX10 allows to use shadow techniques in HLSL.

Full list of changes:

[studio] Masquerade merged lua file names to mimic what is done on export
[core/font] Add missing getDescender() call
[core/path] get distance and auto segmentation in getPathPoints()
[gfx/backend] Expose projection matrix to shaders
[export/android] Provision for adding extra build targets to gradle call
[uwp] Request DX10 feature level
[plugin/imgui] Update
[plugin/rp3d] Update to 0.8.0 version
[library] Improve lua shader library
[library] 3D library now use lua shader for easier maintainability


[core/font] Fix inconsistency on layout of empty lines
[core/text] fix getTextPositionFromPoint and interwork with layout
[core/text] More fixes regarding text point<>offset translation
[core/text] Fixed more issue regarding text layout (word-break, etc)
[core/pixel] fix setTextureMatrix()
[core/math] Fix minor lua stack issue
[gfx/metal] Fix setClip()
[uwp] Fix HTTP header managemenet (was growing request after request)

Get the latest version here:

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