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Memory - Where's the leak coming from? — Gideros Forum

Memory - Where's the leak coming from?

Hi all,

I'm fairly new here and utilizing this very useful forum, have managed to put together a very simple match-3 game. It works well enough, except for a memory leak. Even if I play the same level, the memory creeps up. When I exit the game level and I go back to the menu level, I never completely get back the memory occupied by the game level.

I'd be very grateful for any help to figure this out.

So these are the steps I've already taken to prevent a leak -

1)Removing all children before removing the parent sprite.

2) Pausing gtween after it is completed, so it can be garbage collected.

3) I've removed references to objects before removing them.

So what else can I do remove this leak? I haven't used any advanced features like box2d.



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