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Force close of windows player 2019.2 — Gideros Forum

Force close of windows player 2019.2

I tried a game on 2019.2, where I am making extensive use of anotherMovieClip to handle animations (Core.asyncCall).
The "old bug" of missing stack traceback is gone, however I feel like there is some kind of leakage because after some time the frame rate drops, and suddenly the player force closes without a warning in the output window.

I tried exporting to win32 with console to see if I got some error message, but I don't.

It may be even an issue in my code, however it was working pretty well on the previous gideros release. unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue outside of this game.
Any suggestion on how to proceed to debug it?
Do we have a way to let gideros log its warnings or errors?

Thank you


  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Thanks for reporting, you can try debugview to view gideros log, but I feel it won't show much in case of a seg fault. If you can isolate a test case I can run it here with debugger attached

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