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IDE: Edit any textfile

StoffeStoffe Member
edited November 2011 in Roadmap
I would be nice if it was possible to open any text file that is added to the project in the IDE.

I have lua files (just tables, actually, generated by level editor) that are supposed to be read with loadfile and therefore they are named level1.level or similar. The IDE can open and edit files ending in txt, but it would be nice if it could open other files as well. I realize that means detecting that they are non-binary somehow, which could be done in multiple ways including simply being able to mark them as such in the IDE, so it's a low priority wish I guess.

I could of course just name them *.txt but still, a wish. :)

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  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    I think it's time add a editor properties window. these should be configurable:

    - which extensions are opened in IDE
    - font name
    - font size
    - color scheme
    - detecting text (ascii and utf8) files is great idea. for large files looking at first 1-2kb should be enough.

    do you have anything else to add to list?

    thank you
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