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New Year, New Prospects: A New Blog Series About Indie Game Development — Gideros Forum

New Year, New Prospects: A New Blog Series About Indie Game Development

amaximovamaximov Member
edited January 2014 in Announcements
Hey everyone, so it's a new year (Yes late I know :) ), a fresh slate for us developers to show our best in 2014. I personally am a senior in highschool and I've been developing games for about a year and half now. I've used both Corona SDK and Gideros Studio (Currently using Gideros :) ) and I'm extremely grateful for the community support I've gotten from everyone, and especially @ar2rsawseen.

I think the time has come for me to bring some of my acquired knowledge into play and start helping out fellow developers more. For this reason I'm starting a new blog series on my website which will feature tutorials on some of the "quirky" and confusing topics like push notifications and app Facebook integration!

I also remember when I just started developing apps I was extremely curious about sales projections, ad revenue, in-app purchase success rates.... the whole lot. Well I hope to help out other starting developers by sharing the performance of my apps and discuss the failures and successes of some of my marketing strategies.

I'm far from a famous developer, but most of us indies aren't so I hope that with this blog I'll be able to share my perspective of a young aspiring developer! I'm not much of a writer and this is my first attempt at starting a blog series so please do forgive any mistakes!

Currently I'm planning on releasing an in-depth push notification tutorial within 2 to 3 weeks covering 3rd party push services like Parse, developing your own service (which I have), client integration, and potential benefits. Please tell me if you're interested I would really love knowing I had an interested audience!

You can find the blog post here: http://intoitgames.com/blog/2014/01/19/new-year-new-prospects-a-new-blog-series-about-indie-game-development/

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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