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Glider 1.9.21 with Better Gideros Support

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Hello Everyone,

This update is free for everyone who has already bought Glider. You can get it via help-> check for updates. The purchase price is for All SDKs including Gideros.

We have released Lua Glider 1.9.21. The main focus of this release is better gproj file integration and on device debugging. Here are some new features:

* File Attribute editor (exclude from execution/automatic downsizing)
* General properties editors (graphics, image scales, Retina Display, autorotation, etc.)
* Dependency editor
* Better integration for pre-existing file assets, even for ones pointing outside the project folder
* On device debugging
* gproj file importer/exporter
* Integration with Glider file asset manager + Gideros

Our ultimate goal is to allow you to do everything from Glider without having to switch to the Gideros IDE but still allow you to work with both IDEs transparently.

Please see this google document for more information:

M.Y. Developers
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  • Hi There.

    Thanks for this update, I was having a play with it last night and the Gideros integration looks really good.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is it possible for the autocomplete work with Gideros classes that we create. E.g.:
    Ball = Core.class(Sprite)
    function Ball:init(x, y)
      self.x = x
      self.y = y
    Is there anyway to have Glider know that x and y are variables in the class?

    I had a go with "@classdef" and "@class" but could't get it to work.

    2) With the Gideros IDE, you can add an existing file to your project from another folder (and only a reference is stored). Is this possible in Glider? I had a look last night, but it appeared that any files you need in the project have to be placed into the project folder. Its only a small thing, but I find it really useful in the Gideros IDE (i.e. I can change a class and the changes will reflect in all projects, without me needing to re-copy the files over).

  • edited June 2013
    Hello Al,

    Sorry about the long delay in getting back to you.

    Yes that is indeed a problem, thanks for the catch! It seems 'self' is not properly getting linked to Ball. We will do the changes necessary to get this to work as it is probably the backbone of OOP in Gideros.

    We should also mention that there is a new feature in 1.9.3 called runtime symbol mapping that adds autocomplete entries based on the contents found at runtime. This gives the most accurate completion entries possible. Try adding a breakpoint in the init function and invoke the autocomplete on the self. symbol. Note that the entries will remain there for the remainder of the Glider session.

    Currently symbol mapping only works at breakpoints but there are plans to gather this information globally to provide you with the most accurate and helpful auto-complete entries anywhere in your program. Just be aware that everything will show up in auto-complete, even undocumented private functions. Please refrain from using anything that is not meant to be public.

    For your second question:
    Glider actually reads your gproj files and keeps track of these externally linked files for you. If your project is running fine then this means that this feature is working properly. You can therefore add external files as you normally do through gideros IDE or you can use our project manager feature. You can read about it here:


    Note that at this time the Glider project manager only works on folders, not individual files.

    One more question, have you used Glider to edit any gproj specific properties? Please let us know if you run into any problems with that.

    M.Y. Developers

  • I can't see "compile" errors or crash errors in Glider.
    If the my App works, the logs/prints will be shown.
    But no errors or stack tarces.
  • Hello Code_Monkey,

    Ah yes that is a problem. The problem was that the simulator does not dump those messages to standard error. Perhaps the gdrdaemon tool will have something to grab those messages from. Is everything else working well? debugging? autocomplete? etc?

    M.Y. Developers
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