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TNT Virtual Pad 1.40 is out! — Gideros Forum

TNT Virtual Pad 1.40 is out!

GregBUGGregBUG Guru
edited March 2013 in Announcements
Hi Guys!!!
new TNT Virtual Pad is OUT!
some BugFIX (setMaxRadius half screen bug), new 2 Players example and optimizations.
avaible now with sources (only for donators!)
just go on my donators dropbox share folder and download!
free edition (with no sources coming soon!)

TNT ENGiNE for Gideors Studio - Particle Engine, Virtual Pad, Animator Studio, Collision Engine - DOWNLOAD NOW !!! IT'S FREE!!! -
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  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
    edited April 2013
    Thanks for the update. :)

    imho the example3 is slightly wrong (the 2nd player should see an opposite view of the pad, like as from their perspective). I think you should replace part of it with this:

    -- setup Virutal Pad 1
    local vPad_1 = CTNTVirtualPad.new(stage, "tntskinpad", PAD.STICK_SINGLE, PAD.BUTTONS_TWO, 20, 2,20,1)
    vPad_1:setTextures(PAD.COMPO_BUTTON1, "buttona.png","buttonb.png")
    vPad_1:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, false)
    vPad_1:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_RIGHTPAD, true)
    --vPad_1:setMaxRadius(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, 80) -- not allowed if two pad on screen at once

    -- setup Virutal Pad 2
    local vPad_2 = CTNTVirtualPad.new(stage, "tntskinpad", PAD.STICK_SINGLE, PAD.BUTTONS_TWO, 20, 2,-20,1)
    vPad_2:setTextures(PAD.COMPO_BUTTON1, "buttona.png","buttonb.png")
    vPad_2:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, false)
    vPad_2:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_RIGHTPAD, true)
    --vPad_2:setMaxRadius(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, 80) -- not allowed if two pad on screen at once

    Coder, video game industry veteran (since the '80s, ❤'s assembler), arrested - never convicted hacker (in the '90s), dad of five, he/him (if that even matters!).
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