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(Update_sep_6)Screen shot of upcoming Adventure Game(2013) — Gideros Forum

(Update_sep_6)Screen shot of upcoming Adventure Game(2013)

zoolaxzoolax Member
edited September 2013 in Relax cafe

edited 2013,sep,6
I have posted another screen shot of our Game:
The name of the game is :
"Sea of Giants"
Smiley face

right now we are in touching up phase.
Support us by following us on facebook,Thanks.
I hope you are all doing well.

This is a screen shot of an adventure game that I am making at the moment using Gideros SDK.
I have been in the field of art direction, matte painting, and concept design for almost 8 years.
I am working on this 24/7 ,and it is lots of fun.(Since painting for an ipad retina can take a long time)
This will come out (finger crossed ) in 3 to 4 months.(on all major platforms).
(By the way is it possible to make build for BlackBerry playbook?)

I have done some research about Gideros team before purchasing an indie developer licence:

Mr.Atilim Cetin
Mrs.Deniz Asli Soykurum cetin
(note: And of course I know Mr Gorkem Cetin somewhat ,as he is very active around the forums,
Thanks to Ozapps for reminding me this.)

And to be honest even though it makes me a bit nervous to work with a SDk that has only
2+1 employees.(Of course three experienced employees):)(edited)
It reminds me a lot of my own outsourcing company.
After lots of thinking,and studying I have decided to put my faith in it,
so I have become a paid costumer at the moment.
What attracted me to Gideros is the simplicity, warm community, easy for a corona user transition,
and capability for extending using plugins.
I am optimistic to make a much more stable and faster Android APK using Gideros.
And I hope Gideros Company and its community will grow and expand even more day by day.

Cheers,and I hope you enjoy the screen shot.
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