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TNT Collision ENGiNE ! * RELEASED * — Gideros Forum

TNT Collision ENGiNE ! * RELEASED *

GregBUGGregBUG Guru
edited October 2012 in Plugins


Hi! guys!
after many hours of work finally i’m almost ready to release my new Library for Gideros SDK.
TNT Native Collision Engine a native (c++) plugin for collision detection.
Why you should be use this libs when Box2d do the same things ?
first i need to say one thing:
*** if you need more accurate collision detection with physics interaction then my lib is not for you. ***
i’ve made this libs for *simple* but *FAST* (really FAST) collision detection to use in my next project.

TNT Collision can now handle some kinds of collision like:
point->box, point->circle, point->oriented Box
circle->circle, circle->box, circle->oriented Box
box->box, oriented box->oriented Box
with any handle point.
i hope to release in next 2-3 days.

(as soon as i fix iOS compile problems)
stay tuned!
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