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Auto Image Smooth on Dinamic Image Res with @2x ? — Gideros Forum

Auto Image Smooth on Dinamic Image Res with @2x ?

KeepTryingKeepTrying Member
edited September 2012 in Bugs and issues
Hi all, i'm testing a game and i got two sizes of images:
480x320 and 960x640 when i play on Gideros Simulator and Gideros Player (device)
he don't load the second set of images (@2x) and not apply auto image smooth,
so the image look high pixelated, there is a bug or i'm totally noob ? :)

My Devices:
iPhone 3Gs - 480x320 - iOS 6 (not tested app/game)
Xperia Play - 854x480 - Android 2.3.3 > tested @2x not working
Galaxy Tab GT-P6200L - 1024x600 - Android 3.2 > tested @2x not working

My Config:
Suffix @2x - Scale 2
Gideros v2012.08.4
Any help will be very usefull :D

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