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Win10 gideros player flickering — Gideros Forum

Win10 gideros player flickering

Hi I recently upgraded my os from win7 to win10 and I am experiencing some annoying random flickering on player preview. Am I the only one?
Everything was perfect on win7 on the same laptop


  • I'm on Win10 (x64), never noticed any flickering.
    (but most of the time I test projects on Android player anyway, I found it more convenient)
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  • @pie, downgrade again, Win10 is nasty stuff :D

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    it could be due to your video card driver, check that you have the best one. Otherwise it could be caused by the same issue @kinrpg had on Linux

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  • talistalis Guru
    Accepted Answer
    I am using Win10 for so long. Never experienced such issue. It can be also related with 2 video cards in some laptops. (Integrated and external) Be sure to check the drivers of both. And in addition force Gideros to use the external one. For my laptop there is a setting to force use the graphic card of choice in the driver program.
  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
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    I experience a stuttering that occurs in cycles (it last a few seconds and occurs after a few minutes), the game is still at 60hz but it appears the sync is off by a fraction of a ms so it misses something and looks like it's 30hz - it may be due to how the OS does its layering.

    If I restart the player then the effect is reset for some reason.
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  • piepie Member
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    I have 2 graphic cards, I will check if forcing gideros on the nvidia would fix it. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I trusted windows to get the latest compatible drivers: my laptop is at least 6 years old, I don't think there are more updated drivers on the nvidia or intel website, there was nothing last time I checked a couple years ago.

    Thank you

    [edit: update] forcing nvidia chipset to render gideros player seems to fix the issue.
  • @pie, interesting. Just before going on holiday I upgraded my graphics drivers (Intel onboard) and Gideros player just crashed immediately on starting. System restored to an older version and the player then worked.

    Hard to say if it is a graphics driver issue or a Gideros issue but for now I'm happy to stay on the old version.
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