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TNT Virtual Pad 1.40 is out! — Gideros Forum

TNT Virtual Pad 1.40 is out!

GregBUGGregBUG Guru
edited March 2013 in Announcements
Hi Guys!!!
new TNT Virtual Pad is OUT!
some BugFIX (setMaxRadius half screen bug), new 2 Players example and optimizations.
avaible now with sources (only for donators!)
just go on my donators dropbox share folder and download!
free edition (with no sources coming soon!)

355 x 531 - 129K
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  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
    edited April 2013
    Thanks for the update. :)

    imho the example3 is slightly wrong (the 2nd player should see an opposite view of the pad, like as from their perspective). I think you should replace part of it with this:

    -- setup Virutal Pad 1
    local vPad_1 = CTNTVirtualPad.new(stage, "tntskinpad", PAD.STICK_SINGLE, PAD.BUTTONS_TWO, 20, 2,20,1)
    vPad_1:setTextures(PAD.COMPO_BUTTON1, "buttona.png","buttonb.png")
    vPad_1:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, false)
    vPad_1:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_RIGHTPAD, true)
    --vPad_1:setMaxRadius(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, 80) -- not allowed if two pad on screen at once

    -- setup Virutal Pad 2
    local vPad_2 = CTNTVirtualPad.new(stage, "tntskinpad", PAD.STICK_SINGLE, PAD.BUTTONS_TWO, 20, 2,-20,1)
    vPad_2:setTextures(PAD.COMPO_BUTTON1, "buttona.png","buttonb.png")
    vPad_2:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, false)
    vPad_2:setJoyAsAnalog(PAD.COMPO_RIGHTPAD, true)
    --vPad_2:setMaxRadius(PAD.COMPO_LEFTPAD, 80) -- not allowed if two pad on screen at once

    Coder, video game industry veteran (since the '80s, ❤'s assembler), arrested - never convicted hacker (in the '90s), dad of five, he/him (if that even matters!).
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