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  • Thank you for your advice. There are some good videos on this website! But I can't see how quadtrees could help. My current solution consists of a rendertarget in which the fixed pixels are saved. And the moving pixels are represented as particle…
    in Pixel Game Comment by wefe May 24
  • Oh nice. I didn't look for source code at all. I'll take a look Really a shame that there is no memory bitmap. That would be the easiest solution
    in Pixel Game Comment by wefe April 28
  • Please do not apply pressure
    in Pixel Game Comment by wefe April 27
  • I've seen that too. Unfortunately, string editing in LUA is very limited. Setting many individual pixels in an RGB string is intern a copy orgy.
    in Pixel Game Comment by wefe April 27
  • I'll take a closer look at the particle system. antix: I wanted to recognize collisions myself. Are just individual pixels. I have an extra array in LUA for this. I'm already doing something similar for drawing. With a twice as high rendering targ…
    in Pixel Game Comment by wefe April 27
  • RenderTarget is a very good solution! I didn't think in that direction at all. When texture and bitmap are stored in GPU memory. Then it is clear why it is not so easy to read. Thank you very much!
    in Modify Texture Comment by wefe April 18