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  • @ar2rsawseen: Okay, thanks a ton, I was completely unaware of this init.lua thing that it is always the first one to be called, so I did exactly the same as suggested and it did not give an error, but it still does not detect the collision. I have a…
  • Hey, so it still says, attempt to call colldieswith (a nil value) Here is teh relative piece of code cute = dummy.new() stage: addChild(cute) for i = 1, groupA:getNumChildren() do local sprite = groupA:getChildAt(i) if cute.anim[1]:collides…
  • @ar2rsawseen : Thank you ,thank you ,thank you so much .Good day
  • @ar2rsawseen: Yes, I add them to the stage for creating the animation after checking a couple of conditions, but I now so desperately want to know if it is possible to use collideswith with this same programming style, please?
  • Oh, okay Thanks a ton ! BUt still I would like to know if it is possible to use collides with using the same texture region technique, Is it?
  • Okay, So, here is the code that I have to render the images from Texture Pack, I meant to refer to images from texture pack only,(sorry for teh confusion) local pack = TexturePack.new("Charecter.txt", "Charecter.png") self.anim = { Bitmap…
  • Yes, I added those cached symbols later on, the symbols which I did not cache were just missing and rendered when I later added them to the cache. Sure, I will just post the concise example for the same with the exact error message.
  • Oh, but one might be having hundreds of images in a sprite sheet, so what do we do in that case, generally players in games are a set of sprite sheets only and indeed we need to check the player's collisions with any of the objects, what is the appr…
  • @ar2rsawseen: If I remove stage: addChild, the error does no happen, but neither does text show up, so how am I supposed to render text? and yes, I changed Timer to timer, I thbk, that's what you meant that i shall not be overriding timer class , ri…
  • Thanks a ton, I am sorry for being a noob, but actually my object that is colliding is something like this: self.anim{ bitmap:getTextureRegion("1.png"), bitmap:getTextureRegion("2.png"), and so on } so, how to pass this object as parameter?, pl…
  • @SinisterSoft : Oh, Thanks a ton! But, do I access them in usual way, like group1.member1 or just address them using member names only?
  • @ar2rswseen: Thank you , but how can I get width, height, position of all the objects added in a group since I want to detect their collision with a character?
  • Following code worked, Thanks for your help ;D if playertouch then speed = 10 angle2 = 30 speedx = math.cos(20) speedy = math.sin(130) velocityx = speed*speedx velocityy = speed*speedy for i = 1, 1 do x = x + velocityx y = y + velocityy self: set…
  • @amin13a : Okay, no z axis, but I need a combination of x and y movement while it jumps, this is what I am using for its motion in ellipse x = 215 + math.cos(angle)*195 y = 130 + math.sin(angle)*115 Now, what shall i do to make the bod…
  • no, it did not work for me
  • To, jump, I need to use Z axis , right? or is it possible to do it alone using angle?, please? and it's possible only with z axis, how to do that, since setPosition allows only x, y psitions to set, help
  • Thanks a ton ;D
  • @ar2rswseen: I tried doing exactly the same thing and it still does not work, no change in player's movement
  • @ar2rswseen : I tried using a boolean variable, touched and set its value to true in whenTouched and TouchEnded function and otherwise false, and then added this if statement: but still it does not seem to work, I think the issue you were shall be f…
  • actually, I have a body moving in an ellipse continuously and I want to make it jump when user touches the screen and get it back when touch ends
  • @ar2rsawseen: Oh, okay .Thank you so much Hope it gets fixed.Will post if it does
  • I tried adding eventListeners for Touch events in whenEntersframe() function but that did not work either.
  • @ar2rswseen: Thank you for the hint, but thinking about it since morning, I feel my head is jammed and I am new to Lua as well, so could you please exactly point what changes I need to make in the code to fix it?
  • ar2rsawseen Thank you for your reply, Actually No, I am testing it using Gideros AndroidPlayer, I have it installed in my phone. I tested using the print value, the values got printed but the position of player is not getting updated, The player is…
  • Thank you for reply, I, J= application:getLogicalTranslateX()/application:getLogicalScaleX(), application:getLogicalTranslateY()/application:getLogicalScaleY() W, H = I + application: getDeviceWidth()/2, J + application: getDeviceHeight()/2 this …