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  • edit: I got a smaller sample below
  • @Greywine Thanks for this tutorial. It got me up and running on Gideros in no time. The level of detail and explanation was exactly right. I also like that it was text, not a video.
  • My game is pretty much @Greywine's tutorial. The link above gives you the game after I was done with the tutorial. It's not "(my) work" just yet. Most of my work was getting it to run and deploy. A better URL for a sneak peak at the game is the WIP…
  • Thanks @MoKaLux Is your tiled.lua file in the assets folder? I tried it in the top directory, where my main is, as well as in assets/classes/ I haven't tried just in assets/ That did the job (and yes it's excluded from execution). I'll have to …
  • I always do full export, yes. Haven't done "asset only" yet, because I don't know what I am doing :-) I also do shift-reloads on browser regularly, which should bypass the cache. I also try different browsers, and anonymous windows. What you see is…
  • I made two separate copies of my project, #1 and #2. The only difference is whether they link to FBInstant.lua #1 doesn't link to FBInstant.lua and the export looks like Exporting _LuaPlugins_/FBInstant.lua #2 does link to FBInstant.lua and the ex…
  • Wait, I made some progress... I can't see the load error anymore. The moment you get involved problems go away :-) I think it might be that I added FBInstant.lua to the project directory. Is this the best practices way? It gets to "loading scree…
  • It seems to Exporting FBInstant.lua Exporting _LuaPlugins_/FBInstant.lua Whole log is attached
  • Ok, maybe I can self-unstuck... Thought of looking at the browser console and found the following: FBInstant.lua Not found in archive gidloader.js:241 FBInstant/init.lua Not found in archive Not really sure how to include this the correct way
  • And here when it's working, after exporting with compress, then not compress :6 The key "target-densitydpi" is not supported. gidloader.js:253 wasm streaming compile failed: TypeError: Failed to execute 'compile' on 'WebAssembly': Incorrect response…
  • Turns out user error on restore. I didn't go back long enough. I found one that still produces the problem. :6 The key "target-densitydpi" is not supported. gidloader.js:252 wasm streaming compile failed: TypeError: Failed to execute 'compile' on …
  • @hgy29 I emptied the export folder and exported HTML again, turning off compression. The result also runs on the Web. It seems like turning on and turning off compression changes something on a sticky basis and export now works either way. (Or there…
  • Success. Compression did the job. This forums turns out to be as awesome as claimed. Console log (without compression) comes in next post.
  • I tried that before. And I did try again just now, starting from scratch with the export on empty files. I still get the same error message. DataSaver seems to be expecting a different version (spelling?) of json. Export adds a json.wasm file to t…