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  • Can you try to enable compression in HTML ? If that still doesn't work, can you send me the console log from your browser ? Gideros tries to load plugins before launching main.lua and outputs diagnostics in HTML console.
  • There is a problems btw Shader works correctly only with POT (Power Of Two) radius. Maybe @hgy29 can tell me why?)) Sure! The radius defines the size of your RT which is used as a source texture for a Bitmap. Gideros internally makes sure that all…
    in 2D lighting Comment by hgy29 April 8
  • Yes, I didn't bother making it mac aware since native mac export isn't supported yet. Switch your build target to build for ios, not macos. EDIT: I usually build it from a terminal window, typing 'make -f scripts/Makefile.gid ios.install', see http…
  • Done: https://github.com/gideros/gideros/blob/master/libgid/src/winrt/platform-winrt.cpp#L114 It will work only if the app is focused though, that mean possibly not from main.lua if launched from the studio...
  • setFullScreen is not implemented in gideros for UWP. I'll add it. https://github.com/gideros/gideros/blob/master/libgid/src/winrt/platform-winrt.cpp#L107
  • Yes, it is current, but it is not what you think. It is only used for the bundled pre-built ios player, and is bound to disappear in the future in favor of a player exported from gideros studio the usual way. You'd want to modify main gideros ios l…
  • Looks nice. But how do you guys design 3D maps without viewport? Monkey-code x-y-z of every mesh? I’d like to know of a good tool to d that myself (beside using unity). So far asset forge is the closest tool I found for that purpose. And it is not i…
  • Great work. After experimenting with 3d I discovered I needed height field shape: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/R3d.HeightFieldShape.new Are you using it in your demo? From the demo it seems each models are separated (trees, hills, ...) b…
  • Why are square polygons visible on the video, why are the rounding not smooth? Gideros incorrectly calculates normals? I don’t know. Gideros processes the normals correctly so I assume they are just absent from the models I used, or the tool (asse…
  • Yes, this is exactly why a way to specify arguments of super constructor was added.
  • Ok, you convinced me to fill the form! I applied. I guess we have nothing to lose
    in EPIC MEGA GRANT Comment by hgy29 April 2
  • I don't think Gideros fits in the 'open source graphics tool'
    in EPIC MEGA GRANT Comment by hgy29 April 1
  • Yes, I think I had similar issues due to orientation changes when app is launched. I think calling it from APPLICATION_RESIZE event was the workaround.
  • yes all lua files are merged into one during export (unless explicitly asked in the project)
  • Just had a try, no the camera moves when you jump in my game, even at the beginning of the game. However the camera starts following the playing horizontally only after a certain point, when there is enough level graphics around.
    in camera Comment by hgy29 March 31
  • On my mac it is in: ~/.config/giderosmobile.com/GiderosStudio.ini
  • I think it should be in ~/Library/Application Support/GiderosMobile, but not sure
  • I think your best option is to remove the GiderosStudio.ini file (in AppData/Roaming/GiderosMobile on Windows)
  • I usually do it the other way: camera keeps the player cenetered on screen unless he reaches the edges of the level. I am not sure what you want to achieve
    in camera Comment by hgy29 March 31
  • With textures you are indeed limited to POT textures when repeating. Another technique is to use a viewport to your first sprite and place it next to the original sprite. Then slide the parent sprite modulo the size if the original sprite. You’ll ha…
  • @rraptor, sure you can do that But that shader won't work for non textured shapes, particles, Path2D, etc... There are 11 shaders types used in Gideros: - Basic (Solid color, no texture, no per vertex color) - Color (Per vertex color) - Texture (…
  • finally having read the enlightening article recommended by @rrraptor and looking for a solution i've found this article: https://learnopengl.com/Advanced-Lighting/Gamma-Correction so wouldn't this little change help?: glEnable(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB)…
  • Hi @keszegh and @MoKaLux, getTextelSize returns the size of a texel as @keszegh guessed, that is 1/(gpu texture width),1/(gpu texture height). And it is a member of TexturreBase, not RenderTarget. https://github.com/gideros/gideros/blob/master/luabi…
  • No, use the '-o' option to specify g3dj format
    in 3D Animation Comment by hgy29 March 23
  • @MoKaLux, export to FBX from blender, then use fbx-conv-win32 to convert it to g3dj (JSON) format. You may need the '-f' option too: https://github.com/libgdx/fbx-conv/blob/master/README.md
    in 3D Animation Comment by hgy29 March 23
  • Not sure why it doesn’t work, but you can’t return something from ‘init’. You should use Core.class to subclass AlertDialog
  • Seems like something difficult to fix, I am not even sure we can fix it. Without understanding what goes on internally, I think you should prevent it at your side: put a catch all and discard sprite on top of your scene whenever you open an alert di…
  • @rraptor, wild guess: UAC ? try to run your player/exported project under administrative rights...
  • @keszegh, I tried to reproduce your issue with a simple code: local bg=Pixel.new(0xB0FF,1,300,100) stage:addChild(bg) local steps=20 local stsz=300/steps for k=1,steps do local s=Pixel.new(0xFF4000,1,stsz,100) stage:addChild(s) s:setX((k-1)*stsz)…
  • They are only working on QT based exports I am afraid