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  • @MoKaLux, yes, but it is not a fix at all, you just disabled shadow mapping
  • Ok, it sems that your device support all features, but would rather the shader to be declared as a 'version 3' than just a 'version 1'. Not sure if that will be enough, but can you try to add #extension GL_EXT_shadow_samplers : enable after the simi…
  • @PaulH and @talis, thanks for your input. It seems to be a lfs issue but I had a quick look at their code (and our modified version), and I may have spotted the issue: they use '_findfirst' series of function under windows, but expect the result to …
  • @MoKaLux, it seems like a device specific issue, can you tell me what Gideros writes about OpenGL support when you run your poject ? There are afew 'print' lines at the top of 3DLighting to give opengl version and what extensions are supported
  • It uses the LocalFolder as returned by UWP API. S/O suggest it will be something inside Users's AppData/Local/Package directory: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35006558/windows-storage-applicationdata-current-localfolder-path-changes-the-path-d…
  • 1) You can use body:getTransform():getX() 2) You actually get a Matrix from getTransform(), unfortunately reactphysics3d don't handle scaling. https://github.com/DanielChappuis/reactphysics3d/issues/103
  • I am not sure, you can check this thread where hgy29 is implementing the same thing as yours? http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/comment/62320/#Comment_62320 I am not doing the same, @salesiopark is (I think) redefining a whole new API that c…
  • @rraptor, I don't know but it happens to me too. I suspect something due to using QT or some windows thing, since it only happens on the windows player to me. Maybe the way gideros emulates fixed fps using timer events in QT.
  • So now we know: you have to write at least 5 posts before being allowed to include links
  • The forum don’t allow new users to post links, I am not sure what is the criteria to be considered as a new user though, probably the number of posts.
  • Yes, it is not perfect, I know
  • So here is Corona Cannon sample built with Gideros: http://hieroglyphe.net/gideros/CoronaCannon/ Original game: https://coronalabs.com/blog/2016/02/02/corona-cannon-a-new-corona-sdk-sample-game/ No changes in original code, just a bunch of files a…
  • Back to Corona, I made substantial progress on my adaptation layer. I almost have a full corona sample game working: corona cannon. Of course I only implement things needed for this particular example, but in a way that original source don’t have to…
  • @MoKaLux, can you explain what you are trying to achieve ?
  • @hgy29, wow. now it just needs to be communicated to corona users somehow. i wonder if their forum is usable for that. Better have it somewhat working before communicating
  • I had a go at writing an adaptation layer to run corona sources under gideros. It will take time to complete, but it seems to be definitely possible to write such a layer. No changes in original source code should be required.
  • If they open source their code, we could consider picking things in there, or even merge gideros and corona into new tool, taking the best of both
  • About the # operator: https://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/manual.html#2.5.5
  • Nothing is wrong, but the '#' operator is not what you think, it only gives the length of an array (with keys being sequential numbers starting from 1). It doesn't work for hash maps. To check for a table emptyness use next(table) instead.
  • open gidloader.js file and go near line 310, you'll see a bunch of "else if" lines. They check for some log patterns to ignore (non ignored logs dismiss the canvas and display the error). Just add another "else if (what.includes('stuff')) {}" line …
  • Gideros HAS analytics support! And it had Facebook until Facebook changed its api in such a way that existing plugin would have to be rewritten from scratch for all platforms. I tried two times to do it, but didn’t succeed, and finally gave up. I mi…
  • It seems to be just a warning, but it may dismiss the canvas! Your app should still be running, but I understand this is annoying. There is a list of warning to be ignored in the exported gidloader.js, can you try to add a test matching the one you …
  • It is due to some plugin (Ads or Facebook) not finding a JS function that was supposed to be declared, does that sound possible ?
  • Not sure how to solve your initial issue, but yes GetLogicalDriveStrings isn't allowed on UWP. I fixed that in the source code.
  • Gideros is even smarter: if you create multiple Texture objects with the same file, then texture data is also shared!
  • Ok, I see, I will fix that. meanwhile, just add an empty string parameter to the call of importObj near the end of 3DObjLoader.lua: local root,mtls=importObj(path,file,imtls,"")
  • Recent Gideros expect android phones with version 4.3 minimum. If your phone is 4.3 or higher, then maybe it needs a factory flash... that’s what some people report on the internet.
  • No, I really mean 3DObjLoader is better: it handles polygon surfaces (not just triangle). It is lower in size because most of the work is now shared across multiple importers. It lacks a few texture options though, I can add them.
  • You should be able to use the Theora decoder (Xiph ogg container). Theora=require "Theora" local videoSource=Theora.new("video.ogg") local videoStream=videoSource:play() local videoSprite=videoStream:getVideo() stage:addChild(videoSprite)
  • Ok, I checked both version, and it appears that 3DObjLoader is actually much more advanced than objloader.lua, but they don't have the exact same API