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  • Thanks for sharing more music Eric. I used one of your puzzle tunes in my new game also https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.antix.gridblox&hl=en
  • @rrraptor That's a great idea but personally I don't think it's worthwhile. I say that because I don't see Gideros ever being able to make apps that need a user interfaces as complex as that since Gideros is really a gaming platform, not a utility p…
    in imGui bindings Comment by antix July 31
  • @Sinistersoft, dude.. I really don't want to wait 10 minutes between compiles That would be as bad as the delay in getting anything published in the infernal google developer console
  • Ahh, okay. I discovered that if I alternate between folders then it works. So compile to folder a, then b, then a, and so on.
  • I'm having a small issue with this release where if I export an AAB, I cannot export it again until I reboot my machine. It seems that the tmp folder where I'm exporting to is always in use after the first build and cannot be deleted by Gideros Stu…
  • @rrraptor indeed @SinisterSoft Strange, the macro one doesn't work for me at all.
    in Macro Question Comment by antix July 21
  • @vitalitymobile That's pretty cool. Using Lua with VSC is one thing, but using Gideros with VSC is another proposition entirely. I've investigated the topic quite thoroughly recently and to fully use Gideros with VSC it would require a custom exten…
    in Lua with VSCode Comment by antix July 20
  • unfortunately Gideros doesn't support this "out of the box". You would have to write your own plug-in.
  • @oleg Yes, I also thought it was this at first. But the console output was not hiding there. @rrraptor Rhaaa I was so close! Removing the ini in AppData\Roaming\GiderosMobile did the trick. Thank you guys, I really need this little window! Thi…
  • @SinisterSoft Yep, that sounds like a good solution.
  • I think "Introduction to Lua" should come before "your first code". I would also vote for an actual decent "how to" on exporting, compiling, and publishing on apples store.
  • I thought particles had to be like the same graphic or something. I was also under the impression that they weren't able to be animated.
    in setClip() Comment by antix July 10
  • @keszegh well if BitMap is faster then I'll use that. When making things like bullet hell shooters.. you need the most bullets possible
    in setClip() Comment by antix July 9
  • I liked the idea of a flag to choose for Bitmap if it will ignore the AnchorPoint With regards to Pixels and BitMaps.. I thought on a pure performance level that BitMaps were faster than Pixels overall. This is why I use them.. unless I'm mistaken…
    in setClip() Comment by antix July 9
  • This code... local r = pack:getTextureRegion('block4.png') local b = Bitmap.new(r) b:setPosition(MIDX, MIDY) stage:addChild(b) b = Bitmap.new(r) b:setPosition(MIDX, MIDY) b:setColorTransform(0.5, 0, 0) b:setClip(32,32,32,32) …
    in setClip() Comment by antix July 9
  • Still doesn't sound logical to me sorry. If I'm handling a Sprite by it's midpoint then why the need to calculate the top left to set clip? Clip should always start from 0,0 in my opinion. as I said though I'll just use Sprites anchored at 0, 0 for…
    in setClip() Comment by antix July 9
  • AnchorPoint does however affect it. I will just adjust all of my code to not handle Sprites by their middle point
    in setClip() Comment by antix July 9
  • silly
    in setClip() Comment by antix July 9
  • I'm currently plodding along with ZeroBrane studio which I find more intuitive than Gideros Studio, but both pale in comparison with Visual Studio code. I might revisit this one day when I have more time. Currently I'm on study break and just wante…
  • I messed about for a bit but it was too much work to get anything meaningful working in a short time frame. It's a pity because I really like some of the editing features in VSC (and other IDE's) like when you type ( and it adds the corresponding ) …
  • Hahaha, no worries, I figured you just got your lanes crossed there I've been doing some thinking and maybe this is a bit large of a project for my break. I'll play with it for a couple of days though.
  • @hgy29 darn. Oh well
  • @MoKaLux thanks, I have seen that link. I was hoping somebody already had this working. I think I will investigate the possibility of making an extension for Visual Studio Code that makes Gideros work with it.
  • Thanks for this update A while ago there was mention of the possibility of Gideros being able to export to iOS without having to open X-Code, just like it does currently for Android without having to open Android Studio. Is this feature still in d…
  • Saturation is when there is too much.. of anything
  • I'm also trying to think how quadtrees would be of benefit. I know they are usually used to subdivide space for broad phase collision but I can;t think how they would be of benefit rendering trillions of pixels in realtime
    in Pixel Game Comment by antix May 24
  • Huh? I really didn't understand that at all With so many games and apps released daily.. the market is saturated. There's no other way to see it really
  • @oleg dude, saturated to the max
  • Am I missing something here? solar2d seems to just be some fork of Corona. Maybe Gideros should just try to be... Gideros, and leave other frameworks to themselves. If the aim is to get more users, then I've already previously stated what I think n…
  • @wefe Ahh okay I didn't know you wanted to process every single pixel I just can't see how processing every pixel is ever going to be fast on a mobile device. Looking forward to seeing it in action however
    in Pixel Game Comment by antix April 27