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  • In this case Parent Sprite still will return width based on real child srite size. local s1 = Sprite.new() s1.getWidth = function() return 100 end local s2 = Sprite.new() s2:addChild(s1) p(s1:getWidth()) -- 100 p(s2:getWidth()) -- 0
  • Wow actually i loved your blog man..Thanks for sharing awesome content. My blog ? Dont you mistake ? ????
  • Solved, using this library !
  • As a workaround, you could record longer (say 1s more) and cut the wav file afterwise. well, i found just one library https://github.com/Youka/LuaWAV/blob/master/wav.lua for managing wav files, but im not sure its suitable for cutting audiofile, any…
  • because loading plugins could fail (for exemple if you try to use a plugin not supported on some platform), and you may want to deal with it at runtime thanks to pcall(). So gideros doesn't automatically 'require' plugins since it wouldn't be able t…
  • it should be require "microphone" (lower case). Damn, I am jerk. Sorry ((( Bwt, If I included plugin in filetree, why do I should import this manually ?
  • I am getting "Fatal Exception: com.giderosmobile.android.player.LuaException: Invalid font size." crash report. But it doesnt happen on every sessions. Randomly, it crashes the app even if the font size is valid. same for me !
  • I have the same error a very long time Process: ru.artnode.smashed, PID: 10861 com.giderosmobile.android.player.LuaException: Invalid font size. stack traceback: core/Text.lua:6: in function 'init' [string "property.lua"]:52: in …
  • Ah, because each lua string is considered to be of class 'table' when used with the ':' operator, so ("stuff"):format() is the same as string.format("stuff") thanks, complitely clear as usually !
    in Cryptography Comment by Yan March 7
  • print(("%02x"):rep(16):format(Cryptography.md5("a"):byte(1,16))) Hi, can you explain this part please ? You know that strings in lua are just a sequence of bytes, not specifically characters. Md5 uses this to return its 16 bytes hash as a 16 byte…
    in Cryptography Comment by Yan March 7
  • Hi @turker2000, Cryptography.md5() returns the 16 bytes hash in binary format, that is a string of 16 bytes, while you expect it to be hex-string encoded (32 characters). Try this: print(("%02x"):rep(16):format(Cryptography.md5("a"):byte(1,16))) …
    in Cryptography Comment by Yan March 6
  • I'd say you are getting some non writable character before your payload, such as BOM. This is definitely a server side issue. This may be relevant: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41463965/bom-being-added-to-any-return-or-die-response DEFINITEL…
  • With GDPR and other related stuff, it is more and more difficult to directly identify a user or a device. I use the following approach in my apps: I generate a UUID (based on current time and random value), and save it to a file in '|D|' for reuse o…
  • @Yan http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/7250/new-google-play-requirements-for-32-64bit-android-app-apk-support#latest Thanks, missed this thread
  • What about x64, Google send me today emal notice, that app without x64 support would not shown on x64 devices after 1st Aug
  • @yan been playing a bit more, nice stuff. So what do you use for physics and platform collision? Liquidfun-box2d, yes there was a lot of optimisation to achieve 60 fps
  • Sometimes it takes days for those to start working.. admob is slooow Guess so, every info Ive found says the same ((( seems fill-rate very slow especially for RU region
  • @Yan Added to the wiki. https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/Made_With_Gideros Let me know via a PM if you need access to make a custom sub-page like this: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/RetroStar_-_A_3D_Arcade_Space_Combat_Indie_Ga…
  • we'll accept this for nex time ))) TY )))
  • Yes, children sprites are technically enclosed in the drawing process of parent sprite, so all attributes set to the parent Sprite are somehow applied to children, such as colorTransform, clip, etc. The way it is done now, the same goes for Shader a…
  • Heres one another problem in build 2018.10 If shader is not set it would been taking value from other sprite !!! Even if you use setShaderConstant !!! Attched test case project
  • Same to me, I was using 2018.3 and everythings works fine (using gps 9.0.2), ive updated today to latest build and cant do export because I have same errors. Very annoying, wanted to publish game this week Tried 16.0.0 works fine Admob REQUIREs…
  • I use this awesome feature all the time Is this buggy ? Seems very useful, since we need delete one by one all of theme.
  • Available since version: Gideros 2018.6.1 - Ive checked, my false !
  • It should work only for banners, I think
  • Text.lua part Text = Core.class(Sprite) function Text:init(value, font, size, color, substrate, shift) local font = TTFont.new(font, size, false, true)
  • I am getting "Fatal Exception: com.giderosmobile.android.player.LuaException: Invalid font size." crash report. But it doesnt happen on every sessions. Randomly, it crashes the app even if the font size is valid. I have same NOW, very annoying ! 1…
  • @SinisterSoft Yes, I found some information about here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5129027/android-application-to-pause-resume-the-music-of-another-music-player-app