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  • thank you SinisterSoft, I believe using your method should also work: collectgarbage("setstepmul",5000) collectgarbage() I will not use collectgarbage every time the rendertarget is resized but I will call it every 5000 ms instead in enterFrame. My …
  • I've added 'image buttons with text', but the widths are all different depending on the amount of text written... dirty hack: add spaces in your text so they all have the same width?
  • why I said that gideros is really awesome? In my case I had several 3D models which UV stretches out of the image (see attached pic), I thought I was stuck but then gideros allows this: -- enable filtering and repeat the texture local texture = T…
    in Cinematics Comment by MoKaLux March 3
  • I agree that with those kind of animation (cut sprite into chunks) you save on the size of the game. I wanted to try a couple of times those cut-out animations but then you have to use dragonbones or something similar and it takes ages to do one goo…
    in Cinematics Comment by MoKaLux March 2
  • Sorry oleg, I tried dragonbones before but too complicated and I am not a big fan of these types of animations. I prefer this workflow: makehuman - blender - mixamo - my new app - enve It is way faster and you have more freedom. I may use cascadeu…
  • First cinematic/trailer using enve
  • No, no guys, I don't need another gideros plugin, Gideros is already perfect as it is . It is a simple thing I am trying to do here, some animations from my app for either cinematics or trailer. We have wealth of tools available, so I am going thi…
  • Gideros in like 5 mins everything is animated and moving: https://wiki.gideros.rocks/index.php/Animated_Sprite_Factory Next, movieclip to see what I can do with it!?
  • "the problem is keys for the frame property cannot have different values." - i don't really understand what you mean. if you click on the dot next to the frame property (or any other) then it becomes red and so keyable. is that what you wanted? ok b…
  • in enve for an image sequence there is a 'frame' property which you can animate. just pull out the end of the layer in the timeline and then add keys for the frame property. the problem is keys for the frame property cannot have different values. Th…
  • in fact in enve there is a button in menu to import image sequence and then it becomes one animated object and you can transform it etc. Yes I tried it but the animation won't loop so I had to duplicate the sequence many times to fill the timeline …
  • No way I am doing this his way!
  • thank you keszegh I already have my pngs separated (I just put them into spritesheet for gideros ). The problem is looping through the pngs in any softwares and moving the character along a line for example. In krita I believe you would have to co…
  • The problem in my case is that I have some animations as spritesheets (a walking animation, running, jumping, ...). I can use the spritesheet in gideros for my player. Now I want to do some cinematics but the softwares above do not deal with sprite…
  • I was thinking of using movieclip but before coding it I am exploring what's already available and "cheap". Right now I am trying enve: https://github.com/MaurycyLiebner/enve I think I could use blender too but let's try them one at a time Krita,…
  • Dear giderians I am polishing my app and I have a question for you please. Currently my app uses 5-6% of my cpu (windows 10, I7, 8Gb Ram). I thought I could lower down the cpu usage if I didn't call listeners for my hundred buttons in the onEnte…
  • Thank you for making every gideros new releases kicking a**
  • What about cutting it into tiles and then create a tilemap? Tiles are not drawn if outside the screen, is this the way to go? I am going to try this (thank you antix for showing me how to use tilemaps )
  • edit: found this thread http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/comment/41861/#Comment_41861
  • I don't understand your question oleg What do you want to do? In gideros you can import any .obj file with textures (transparent .png or not .jpg). BTW oleg I love your art
  • terrific job rrraptor
  • I love you rrraptor . Both shaders work great!
  • "best" so far PS: I have read that stencyl do just what I want but I am clueless about how to use it (OpenGL).
  • the best I could get (well not very good) is making a duplicate, scaling it up a bit and put it behind the original. Result, either the outline is too big or the outline will not go around the entire sprite :
  • I need your help please. For my 3d to spritesheet program I would like to add an outline option. I have been trying to have this effect using luashader and stencyl but I have really no clue what I am doing How could I draw an outline around a sp…
  • just curious what mkr stands for?
  • what is .GApp? Is it for mac, html?
  • I think you forgot to add require "scenemanager" require "easing" https://wiki.gideros.rocks/index.php/SceneManager https://wiki.gideros.rocks/index.php/Easing
  • thank you mister wiki updated according to your answer.