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  • I see... Definitively interesting.
  • Thank you so much!
  • made a short game in 1 day and posted it on Google. That game brought me 8000$ @Oleg $8000 for one day of work, this is well rewarding! But I guess it was years ago? Nowadays, the market looks cluttered and I wonder if it is still possible to mak…
  • Exactly: speed and simplicity. And I would also add: popularity. - length (a vector length) - distance (distance between two points, in 2D or in 3D) - normalize (divide a vector by its length) - raycasting, that is intersection between a line and s…
  • Thank you guys for your help. I really appreciate it.
    in Code Splitting Comment by Dafb August 11
  • Wow, I am really impressed by this dev log! I love the humor and all the behind the scene thoughts. Please keep writing. I stay tuned PS: your first meme is exactly me too. While I am programming my current project I have multiple concurrent id…
  • sceneManager = SceneManager.new({ --start scene ["start"] = start, ["level1"] = level1, ["gameOver"] = gameOver }) - Organize your code in classes/namespaces, with all methods of the same class in the same file. - Avoid 'requ…
    in Code Splitting Comment by Dafb August 10
  • You can use includes. require "YourAnotherLuaFileWithCode" Yes. But I don't think in YourAnotherLuaFileWithCode.lua you can write function level1:onEnterFrame(e) when "level1" has been created in level1.lua. That is just an example. I don't inte…
    in Code Splitting Comment by Dafb August 10
  • Amazing! I really appreciate how you corrected my tentative "work". I learned several stuff by reading the new code. The performances are just amazing and entirely stable. Now nothing will prevent me to blow things up! Hi @Dafb, In your code …
  • Thanks to your helps, I got the alpha working. The code might be not be the best, but it works: vec4 tex=texture2D(g_Texture,texCoord.xy); vec4 bump = g_Color * vec4(color0 * diff + color1 * spec, 1); vec4 alpha = vec4(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, tex.a); gl_…
    in NormalMapping Comment by Dafb July 24
  • Firstly, I considered Unity. Unity has a strong community. A lot of phone games are made with it. But the idea of sharing my earnings with them, which is honestly a very unlikely event, compelled me to go towards a totally free solution. And why not…
  • I can't wait playing it Well, I need to make it work first! I am sorry, I have other questions! 1) Why the alpha does not show a blank background and shows instead this gray surface? How to make it work as intended? I played a little bit wit…
    in NormalMapping Comment by Dafb July 23
  • but anyhow 50 lights is big. In another game I tested that there were 6 lamps in the scene that affect all objects - on weak devices such a scene will not work .. Yes, you are both right. I have to make some compromises. I'll try some stuff. For ex…
    in NormalMapping Comment by Dafb July 22
  • Thank you for leading me to this link. However, continuing to play with the above example, it seems that a given mesh cannot get more than 1 shader, which is a problem in my current scenario. It seems to be a shader issue regardless of the type of…
    in NormalMapping Comment by Dafb July 22
  • I like the look of your game. Thanks. If I manage to use these shaders properly, it will look even better . Playing around, I understood how to make new lights, change their color and place them (or so I think). I'll give the normal map versio…
    in NormalMapping Comment by Dafb July 22
  • @oleg Yes, I also thought it was this at first. But the console output was not hiding there. @rrraptor Rhaaa I was so close! Removing the ini in AppData\Roaming\GiderosMobile did the trick. Thank you guys, I really need this little window!
  • Thanks to you guys, I fixed the problem. I believe the main issue was I forgot to add require ("scenemanager") in main.lua. Silly stuff! I also use now as advised Core.class instead of gideros.class Everything works now and I will read t…
    in Scope problem? Comment by Dafb July 11
  • I went the alpha way. I am rather happy with the result.
  • Hi, It seems my explanation was bad. I have no problem to remove the sprite. In fact I already use this code snippet for each element of this animation. The laser effect last 1.6 sec. And starts to appear 1.4 sec after the start of the animation…
  • Thank you so much!
    in Gtween glitch? Comment by Dafb June 16
  • Amazingly quick and efficient! I am impressed! Thank you so much.
    in Follow on Touch Comment by Dafb June 14