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  • I found that i'm using persian language in AlertDialog parameters in gideros and it shows correctly in the player and real device. is there any chance to be related?
  • And of course gideros needs to be fixed to support RTL layout... Is it likely that this will soon be done?
  • Usually font files supply advanceX and advanceY, for a RTL font advanceX would be negative probably. As for ligature, they have their own Unicode code points. @e2000 what are the Unicode code points in your input string ? Are you asking for this ? :…
  • I suspect two problems here: right to left isn't handled correctly and ligatures are not handled either. However I am not an expert of persian How can solve this two problems ?
  • Why don't you use the one in 'All Plugins' folder in your gideros installation ? ) , Yes , that was a silly problem. Thanks.
  • (and also the x86 .so ?) I'm using gideros plugin from here : github.com/ar2rsawseen/GiderosFlurryAndroid and there is no x86 .so for flurry in it.
  • yes, there are in armeabi-v7a and armeabi folder, together
  • Yes, my flurry loadLibrary was added after loading Lua library : System.loadLibrary("gvfs"); System.loadLibrary("lua"); System.loadLibrary("gideros"); System.loadLibrary("luasocket"); System.loadLibrary("lfs"); System.loadLibrary("lsqlit…
  • I thing the problem is with this part of tutorial : Add "com.giderosmobile.android.plugins.iab.Iab" as external class in your main activity for this, i just added import com.giderosmobile.android.plugins.iab.Iab; in my main activity , is this work…