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  • @antix: Thanks for your logwindow class. I wanted to make it responsive. Is this the right way to do so? appwidth = application:getDeviceWidth() sfactor = 2 local LogWin = LogWindow.new({x = 0, y = 0, width = appwidth/sfactor, lines = 24, scale = s…
  • Looks nice and polished! This is one of those games which could be included into a gideros introduction video to show what is possible.
  • Okay I noticed that my question was asked in a wrong way. Had the calculations in mind but didn't know how to get the number or height of lines. Thx for the getNumChildren @antix! TextWrap does not work with setScale (no line break when text overfl…
  • This slant topic was one of my most important sources of information while choosing a game engine. I dropped so much frameworks at first (so did I with Gideros ( ) because of negative comments only to find out that this was a huge mistake. The Pros…
  • I don't think that a more specific voting system would be a good idea. In this case the donation or patronage changes into a feeling that you pay for something, what you would like to see. This could lead to situations where users put money into one…
  • @antix Thanks a ton for your links and the attached project! (A central place for tutorial links would be great anyway)
  • Is there a possibility to change the rotation-point of a shape after I created it? I had this problem when I did not draw the shape around its center. The :setAnchorPosition confuses me, because the anchor-position is not the same as the point of r…
  • Well then maybe we should place a little notice at the subscription area? Or the text in the bottom left corner (which says, you should watch for your emails to confirm) can contain such a hint.
  • @ar2rsawseen Yeah I really would like to have a reference point when submitting issues. Would make fixing alot easier, I think.
  • I can confirm, that the confirmation email gets into google's spam folder. How knows how many Gideros programming contenders are in joyful anticipation of joining this great forum and won't watch their spam folder X_X
  • Confirmed, I can reproduce the player crash (on Windows 10). I also can confirm the typo - but can't file a PR or even an issue on github because I can't find the corresponding file. Any help?
  • @antix - I think this is a result of the responsive approach. An option for expanding and collapsing the whole tree would be nice though.
  • The information on this page is not up-2-date? Then why not take it down? Is there a possibility to help with the website?
  • Works like a charm! Thanks for the help.
  • Got right into this issue before I read this post. Is there a possiblity to recover the player?
  • It would be nice to be able to have some standard classes to help speed up the process a bit more. Sign. L-) It is the first and till now the only thing I'm missing in the Gideros package.
  • Already fell in love with this forum :x I once used ZeroBrane ages ago and felt it was quite mature. But I also used Atom or just Notepad++ for scripting and had no big hassles. Yeah this 'one stop shop system' @Ninjadoodle mentioned is one point…
  • Starred a few days ago (*)
  • Hehe now I see why everyone around here likes the forum. Highspeed answers and helpfulness. I really appreciate that. @antix: Thanks for the suggestions. Fortunately I got that book as an ebook on packt publishing while it was free for one day. It …
  • Very interesting news. I discovered Gideros only a few days ago and wasn't able to figure out which is the current development activity. This is by far the best answer on this question someone could get Next to have possiblities for making donatio…