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  • i'm using appodeal and it really works fine. it's a mediator, so in SDK they have libs of all demand sources they support, this means you don't have to create account for each ad network and manually add to your mediation stack, they do it themselve…
  • @sinistersoft i think it wouldn't have much sense because sdk for all andoid wise devices would be too heavy + technically it seems to be quite a difficult task because not all networks and demand sources support all android-wise devices.
  • @sinistersoft as i remember they dont support android/fire tv ads. but have sdk for apple tv os.
  • @sinistersoft what did u use before/after appodeal and which formats? i personally use them for a long time, to my exp money dropdowns might happen in the end of Q because advertisers set new budgets + it’s usual situation for whole market each Q.…
  • i guess 64k limitation issue can be fixed when all libs are in DEX file. when i faced that problem i contacted their support and they provided me such build. excluding several libs is also a variant, but i would clarify that with their support. also…
  • As far as i remember appodeal supports flurry, so what's the point implementing flurry separately? I had a similar issue, but solved it with multidex and help of appodeal's support, i think that the simplest way is to contact their support, cause th…
  • We would really love to use Appodeal in our games but admob and applovin are delivering to an extent for us. I think we are going to add chartboost as part of a waterfall. I really like the idea of Appodeal as it removes many headaches, but I do…
  • AppLovin falling back to ChartBoost. I did try AppoDeal for about 6 weeks and income fell significantly. I'd ask their support team, guys are always very helpful interested in finding out what the problem is. Perhaps it's a technical issue that de…
  • @SinisterSoft Appodeal supports Applovin and many other networks (AdMob, Chartboost, Vungle, UnityAds, Tapsense and so on). Perhaps you should give a try. BTW which networks do you use at the moment?
  • @freessp I also use Appodeal and can confirm, that they have great support. Once I had coding issue, they solved my problem within 1 hour, really helpful. @SinisterSoft In my case Appodeal brought a way more $ than using AppLovin alone (I've been us…