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  • Ok thanks for the update I'm looking forward to it's release!
    in Dungeons Comment by Minstrel June 2015
  • Ok one more thing for some reason my text is not showing up (my score text) code: score = 0 hiScore = 0 scoreText = TextField.new(nil, "Score: " .. score) scoreText:setPosition(10,10) stage:addChild(scoreText) hiScoreText = TextField.new(nil, "Hi Sc…
  • if bullets[bb]:collidesWith(invaders[i]) then is line 216
  • @SinisterSoft will this ever be out on IOS as, though I prefer windows over OS X I decided to go the apple route for portables. BTW @totobo was completely right, the game is already legendary!
    in Dungeons Comment by Minstrel June 2015
  • Ok So I can start up the game now (Woo Hoo) But when a bullet sprite hits invaders layer i get this error main.lua:216: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) stack traceback: main.lua:216: in function I've checked the area no typos as far as …
  • Ok all is well with the first and last pieces of code but on the second code area it says end expected on line 23 to close function lua: 21 near else. but if I put an end before the else it says of expected near else and anyway you can clearly see t…
  • also where do I put the code turning bullet into a sprite
  • Btw thanks for the piece of inspiration at the end: --kill Invader, remove bullet do something else.
  • Is the for loop the first piece of code you sent?
  • Also I, again really appreciate you explaining it, as, as I said earlier anyone can copy and paste but not everyone takes the time to know what the code means.
  • Oh ok. What you've said here makes a lot more sense than what I did: invadersLayer:setPosition(getPosition()+5) Also I'm a newbie not realising I'd already done it BTW You may find pool stuff easy but for me it's hard -_-
  • Ok NVM Prev comment. I used your code as a temp than made several tweaks to it: etc. all sprites moving across the screen scaling eg. Thanks for your time!
  • Do I write this in a separate .lua? And what do you mean by "I leave to you the code to place on different line"?
  • Oh yeah:D (Happy Birthyesterday), I was told over Skype yesterday. Did you enjoy your chocolate? BTW thanks for removing my posts as I was going to, but had no clue how. also thanks for the EOF info
  • Never Mind!!! It WORKS!!! FULLY AS INTENDED!!! You have no idea how excited I was when I found out it worked. And guess why it didn't work after i'd added what you'd put (which probably made it work). The first line! the Pool = Core.class(sprite)! a…
  • Btw are you sure there's meant to be three ends after the newly added bit and why was by=by+(bDir*5) bullet:setY(by) removed?
  • Ok 1 more final thing... and this is so insanely newbie-ish you'll probably laugh... what does eof mean? This will help me out loads in future as I often get the error message main.lua:(no.): 'eof' expected near end.
  • What appears to have happened is there is multiple bullets but when fire key is pressed a bullet appears at playership1's position but doesn't move. while this is happening another bullet spawns on the left hand side of the screen and fires upwards …
  • Ok thanks. No worries about it though and thanks for the tip.
  • Ok thanks and no worries about mistake. It works and I can fire but... well you need to see for your self (fire button is Z press it and you'll know what I mean). This really is bizarre... Copy this code and add these files into a Gideros File: loc…
  • Ok so I've done what you said and I can now start the game (WooHoo) So now were back to my first problem... It's giving me an error when I press the fire key Z. But do not fear it's a different one so we're definitely getting there. The Error is: …
  • Ok so I've done what you said and I can now start the game (WooHoo) So now were back to my first problem... It's giving me an error when I press the fire key Z. But do not fear it's a different one so we're definitely getting there. The Error is: …
  • Ok so I was a bit of an idiot thinking that was code... So I did as you recommended the TextureBase error is gone... but now we have this: < pre lang="lua"> a = {{"one", "two"}, 3} b = {k = a[1]} < /pre> [string "property.lua"]:39: bad …
  • Ok now it says for the error: main.lua:68: unexpected symbol near '=' main.lua 68 = a = {{"one", "two"}, 3} and is part of this: < pre lang="lua"> a = {{"one", "two"}, 3} b = {k = a[1]} < /pre> Again... Very confused I've done exactly…
  • Btw Talis Do where do I put what you said? Inside the pool function or elsewhere?
  • well it was before I added what pie said so now it's: function Pool:destroyObject(b)
  • function gameloop(e) is line 89
  • Thank you I have been able to resolve the issue and my project now works fully as intended. Thanks! BTW I checked out the sinister soft thing and it turns out the person who runs sinister soft is the person who often helps me with coding. his son g…