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  • Hahaha, no worries, I figured you just got your lanes crossed there I've been doing some thinking and maybe this is a bit large of a project for my break. I'll play with it for a couple of days though.
  • @hgy29 darn. Oh well
  • @MoKaLux thanks, I have seen that link. I was hoping somebody already had this working. I think I will investigate the possibility of making an extension for Visual Studio Code that makes Gideros work with it.
  • Thanks for this update A while ago there was mention of the possibility of Gideros being able to export to iOS without having to open X-Code, just like it does currently for Android without having to open Android Studio. Is this feature still in d…
  • Saturation is when there is too much.. of anything
  • I'm also trying to think how quadtrees would be of benefit. I know they are usually used to subdivide space for broad phase collision but I can;t think how they would be of benefit rendering trillions of pixels in realtime
    in Pixel Game Comment by antix May 24
  • Huh? I really didn't understand that at all With so many games and apps released daily.. the market is saturated. There's no other way to see it really
  • @oleg dude, saturated to the max
  • Am I missing something here? solar2d seems to just be some fork of Corona. Maybe Gideros should just try to be... Gideros, and leave other frameworks to themselves. If the aim is to get more users, then I've already previously stated what I think n…
  • @wefe Ahh okay I didn't know you wanted to process every single pixel I just can't see how processing every pixel is ever going to be fast on a mobile device. Looking forward to seeing it in action however
    in Pixel Game Comment by antix April 27
  • @rrraptor Oh man, I just couldn't get past the first 10 seconds of that video. That guy is way too Australian When it comes to Android, I don't know about the viability of making every single pixel interactable. With a 320x480 display that's 153,6…
    in Pixel Game Comment by antix April 27
  • In my opinion, this game is fully able to be cloned using Gideros. I wouldn't go the Gideros particle route myself as particles have no ability to collide, which is one of the main mechanics of this game. Without knowing just how your own mechanic…
    in Pixel Game Comment by antix April 27
  • Just use a RenderTarget and draw directly into it. Of course you need one Bitmap or Pixel that uses the RenderTarget as it's texture, which would be added to the stage.. This code has just that... local COUNT = 64 local SIZE = 256 local LIFE = 60…
  • There's also https://www.amulet.xyz/ which has a couple of neat demos
  • I am using something similar to @hgy29 where I make some global variables... and I do it in init.lua as I feel that is the best place for that kind of thing to live.
  • Whoops, my bad
  • That looks really complex to use. I'd stick with Tiled... it's very good
  • Interesting. I'm keen to find out if the fix @hgy29 has implemented will solve the issue for @paulh
  • Here is part of my hero manager class that goes through a folder and loads fie data... maybe it could be of some use. HEROFOLDER @ '|D|heroes/' HeroManager =Core.class() function HeroManager:init() HEROMANAGER = self HERO = nil self.hero =…
  • Who wants to adopt yet another google experiment that in all likelihood they will close down in a year or so?
  • So it's working now or not? I'm currently away from home but have some lfs code for iterating through a folder that works... unless something has changed since I last ran it
  • @Apollo14 generally yeah I have to agree. I'm finding pixel style graphics pretty good because they can be mixed without things looking too different. However, there is always the problem that the creator doesn't want to add more stuff to a pack, ev…
  • @Oleg I can;t see amny people leaving Defold because they probably like it's editor-centric workflow. I also can;t see any Gideros users flocking to Corona as it really doesn't seem to be anywhere near as good as Gideros. When comparing Gideros to…
  • Interesting. Corona was the 2nd framework I came across when looking for something to program mobile games with. I didn't find it overly bad to work with but at that time you had to be connected to the internet to compile so I looked for something e…
  • If the user knows the date the application stopped working they should check for windows updates around that time, especially device drivers. Maybe they could run system restore to around that date and test again. You could just publish a test cas…
  • @MoKaLux I wouldn't bother. It seems that I'm just pissing into the wind here these days.
  • I disagree. The fact of the matter is that you can find yourself without internet and in need of documentation when you need it.
  • In a professional product, users should not be expected to go to some website and perform some arcane exporting exercise to get offline documentation... something that all engines and frameworks should supply by default. It seems that everyone else…
  • Nevermind, it seems my FTP client could not see the files in the export folder until I rebooted... highly odd.
  • That is not entirely true. Mostly I can spend a day coding without using the internet, but if I don't have documentation for the API and no internet.. then I can't do anything. I think Gideros should have some offline documentation available