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  • Oh yeah... if you are going to include music in the remake then here's a link to a little Pac-Man style tune I came across the other day on Newgrounds.com whilst looking for music for one of my projects. All that's required is attribution and I thou…
  • I really don't think that yet another pacman clone is going to cause any legal issues, especially if it's presented as a learning thing as opposed to a commercial product that you would financially gain from. But thanks @oleg for the reminder about …
  • If all of the crosses are going to be the same you would only need to maintain one RenderTarget.
    in Alpha overlap Comment by antix August 20
  • basically there is no way to fix this using two rectangles because of the way alpha blending actually works. The only solution I can think of right now is using 5 rectangles but that's kind of a performance hit.
    in Alpha overlap Comment by antix August 19
  • I think it's fine to compliment them how you are doing.
  • I wouldn't recommend GTween. Although it is a fantastic utility, if you have many animated objects it will impact performance in a seriously bad way. Not to toot my own horn but my system is fairly easy to mash into an existing codebase. It can be …
  • Maybe you should be using "TOUCHES_BEGIN" because if you are using TOUCHES_END then other objects have already received events. Maybe try something like this (not tested)... --BlackOverlay.lua: BlackOverlay=Core.class(Sprite) function BlackOverla…
  • With my games I haven't had to create subclasses, I just have a class for enemy which gets passed options that are overwritten on init() to make it different to other enemies. In fact all of my GUI objects use the same method. Enemy = Core.class(B…
    in base class Comment by antix August 13
  • So, if you want to be a successful 3D indie dev you use Unity and if you want to break into the AAA industry you need general skills because EA and other such companies wouldn't touch Unity.. ever! Pretty much all learning is good so having some kn…
  • @MoKaLux Slopes are tricky because yes.. cbump does not do them. Basically I have y data stored for each slope. If the player is on a slope block then I get the x offset and that gives the y max position for that tile. It really is fiddly and I thi…
  • @MoKaLux Gideros can totally do platformers... Those are two of many platformer frameworks I've made with gideros.. Using the built in tilemap class and bump collision it's very easy. Somewhere in the forums somebody created a platformer using bo…
  • Basically people want "dumb" games because they are too pig-s**t stupid to actually play a real game anymore. Well at least that seems to be the case from my casual observations
  • Sounds pretty good @hgy29. I'm on holiday in Rarotonga currently and it would make quite an interesting point'n'click adventure because it's a very small pacific island (only 32KM around the main road) and some kind of lost pirate treasure adventure…
  • @jumpjack To make a basic emitter in Lua you can do something like this... require "box2d" application:setScaleMode("letterbox"); application:setOrientation(application.LANDSCAPE_LEFT); application:setLogicalDimensions(600,800) local cw, ch = app…
  • @tetnic ahh I see. In this case I think you will have to use the RenderTarget method that @keszegh mentioned. He is also correct in that this method will be costly. I created something similar but for normal mapping and it was very slow on my older…
    in Blur effect Comment by antix August 4
  • @oleg raises an interesting point regarding conversion of graphics from a photo to a more pixel type image. Gimp has a few filters that when used in sequence can turn a photo into something interesting or "arty". I don't think you can categorically…
  • The main website works.. but it is clunky and no longer fit for purpose. If you are really keen you could download the entire thing and work on a live copy in a development environment.
  • Doesn't one of the supplied examples feature blurring?
    in Blur effect Comment by antix August 3
  • Yes, the current website contains a lot of junk entries. I tried to make a new website once but very few people seemed at all interested in it. Another user was going to create something in the not so distant past but maybe his real life caught up w…
  • That sounds reasonable, I'm interested to see how it turns out, especially using real world imagery.
  • @MoKaLux nah it's all good, I use ZeroBrane Studio and only use Gideros Studio to do the stuff that ZBS cannot do.
  • Oh my!! My partner already gets annoyed with my "tapping" on the keyboard.. imagine what she would do to me if I installed this program?!
  • Yes @oleg that's a good point. Whilst you can do a lot of pre planning I don't know if you can plan "everything". You would get the artist to do all of the major stuff and then hope they would be available to add extra scenes as required.
  • @MoKaLux I really don't know, sorry. @hgy29 would be the man to point you in the right direction there Sharp thinking on the AHK trick to make that work, great stuff!
  • You both have good points and I think that yes, you should definitely perform a lot of design before you let an artist loose on a project with no boundaries. As @oleg said, you don;t want to be paying for loads of stuff that you didn't want or need.
  • Personally I think that CTRL + U should be changed to work like Zerobrane Studio which comments/uncomments the selected block of text. But that's just because I'm a filthy ZBS user
  • Creating your own point'n'click engine wouldn't be very hard in my opinion. Using some other framework is fine if it suports all of the features you want (deployment to mobile and desktop, ads, in app purchases) but if not.. then write your own in G…
  • @oleg nah no worries. I thought I could just be lazy and get somebody else to do it for me
  • @hgy29 That's not a bad idea, thanks
  • @Apollo14 I'm in Rarotonga for five weeks soaking up the sun and studying Generally we have to use mobile data and it costs $50.00 NZD for 3GB of data.. that expires after 14 days LOL There has been (for a long time) a plan to lay a cable from Ne…