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  • @misterhup I don't use Google Play Services anymore, it has been depreciated. I just use AdMob, iab, and Gaming plugins which covers all googley type things. I recently upgraded both of my Descent games using 2018.10 and they both work fine.. I'm u…
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  • @misterhup To find the ID.. - Go to Google Developer Console - Click 'Game Services' in left pane - Click game title in right pane Now near the top, underneath the game title.. you will see the App ID. Personally I think that it should crash with t…
    in Building failed Comment by antix 6:08PM
  • @unlying, if it crashes on android device then connect it via USB cable, load up Android Studio and then run the app. You should see more specific crash information in LogCat.
  • I'm late to the party v(as per usual) but when you are using plugins that require the App ID.. it's not com.whatever.game.. it's the App ID from the Google Play Developer Console that is unique to that App
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  • This is in Windows, I haven't tried it on my mobile devices sorry
  • In Zomball I can't get the body parts to go high at all. I changed my mouse sensivity but still can't make them go high
  • If the wiki now contains everything that the old documentation does.. but has more relevant information also, then is it not logical to now change the current website to point to the wiki docs instead of the now outdated ones?
  • Interesting. I haven;t needed to set my JDK folders but I have them installed to the default locations or maybe it picks those up from the system path?
  • @hgy29.. 101% of the games we make here are simple games
  • @hgy29 Yours and @totebo's removals were due to something other than adverts though right?
  • It's all so muddy and by that I mean websites will tell you part of what you need to do (and google as well) but I have yet to find one place that actually explains what is required to satisfy the GDPR. I've just updated both versions of my Descent…
  • Its hard to compare an SDK like Defold to Gideros because Defold is owned by King Games and they have literally millions of dollars to spend on making their SDK better, Gideros is on the other hand run by a handful of people with basically zero fund…
  • @xman maybe if you have an event code firing when the application is suspended.. call pauseAll() (http://docs.giderosmobile.com/reference/gideros/Timer/pauseAll) to stop any further adverts firing, and also stop any currently playing advert with hid…
  • Not being of any help at all but.. that's a lot of products
  • Sometimes it just takes ages for things to happen with the Play Store. Glad to hear it now functions as it should.
  • Yay for drive getting in LFS!!! I'll give it a try if I ever get time on hokiday
  • There are plenty of A* code out there. roland Yonaba's (spelling?) jumper library is good but if it was in C it would be faster than Lua There are heaps if ready to go C implementations out there that just need to be made into a plugin for it to b…
  • @totebo the downside is performance from what @SinisterSoft has said. If you have cycles to spare then fo for ogg for the better looping, otherwise stick with mp3 and maybe have music that doesn't have to perfectly loop
  • Beginners also want native speed A* pathfinding
  • @SinisterSoft I have yet to find an MP3 file that does repeat correctly! Once you know about the whole restarting event it's not a giant issue but it is mildly annoying that you cannot have a proper looping sound in Gideros without using WAV files s…
  • @Apollo14 No file requester and no decent keyoard input are the issues here. Of course this isn't any flaw in Gideros since it is focussed on mobile development and doesn't need to include any such things by default Widget Candy is also around 900…
  • Maybe @paulclinger could shed some light on this Lua really needs a decent IDE like Visual Studio with drag and drop GUI creation.
  • @hgy29 yes.. I randomly found the add on player now! Really this feature won't work for me right now because I'm using Zerobrane Studio However I feel one thing it really needs is to be able to get a filename using the Gideros Studio file requeste…
  • Neither of the addin examples work for me by default.. they just give errors. Hopefully it will get to the stage where it just works out of the box, waiting for then
  • @SinisterSoft I really hope so
  • @keszegh, that old project was made in Visual Basic. While it does work somewhat.. it's kind of buggy and really I got tired of having 2 code bases. I'd rather just make one in Lua and be done with it
  • try https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/
  • @gbison I would say email the Widget Candy author and see if he will allow you to download the Gideros version, I don't see why not if you've already purchased it. Penalizing customers for changing engines wouldn't be a great business move really. …
  • @gbison Yes thats the same one. There should be a Gideros version whgich uses the Gideros specific things like Bitmaps and Textures available to download from his site Gideros Also already has SQLite support too
  • @gbison Welcome I haven't used Layout by @n1cke but I do own Widget Candy. Widget Candy is pretty nice except the guy never replies to emails. For the price though it's 99% bug free and is more than enough to get you going and makes a good base if…