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  • If they open source their code, we could consider picking things in there, or even merge gideros and corona into new tool, taking the best of both
  • About the # operator: https://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/manual.html#2.5.5
  • Nothing is wrong, but the '#' operator is not what you think, it only gives the length of an array (with keys being sequential numbers starting from 1). It doesn't work for hash maps. To check for a table emptyness use next(table) instead.
  • open gidloader.js file and go near line 310, you'll see a bunch of "else if" lines. They check for some log patterns to ignore (non ignored logs dismiss the canvas and display the error). Just add another "else if (what.includes('stuff')) {}" line …
  • Gideros HAS analytics support! And it had Facebook until Facebook changed its api in such a way that existing plugin would have to be rewritten from scratch for all platforms. I tried two times to do it, but didn’t succeed, and finally gave up. I mi…
  • It seems to be just a warning, but it may dismiss the canvas! Your app should still be running, but I understand this is annoying. There is a list of warning to be ignored in the exported gidloader.js, can you try to add a test matching the one you …
  • It is due to some plugin (Ads or Facebook) not finding a JS function that was supposed to be declared, does that sound possible ?
  • Not sure how to solve your initial issue, but yes GetLogicalDriveStrings isn't allowed on UWP. I fixed that in the source code.
  • Gideros is even smarter: if you create multiple Texture objects with the same file, then texture data is also shared!
  • Ok, I see, I will fix that. meanwhile, just add an empty string parameter to the call of importObj near the end of 3DObjLoader.lua: local root,mtls=importObj(path,file,imtls,"")
  • Recent Gideros expect android phones with version 4.3 minimum. If your phone is 4.3 or higher, then maybe it needs a factory flash... that’s what some people report on the internet.
  • No, I really mean 3DObjLoader is better: it handles polygon surfaces (not just triangle). It is lower in size because most of the work is now shared across multiple importers. It lacks a few texture options though, I can add them.
  • You should be able to use the Theora decoder (Xiph ogg container). Theora=require "Theora" local videoSource=Theora.new("video.ogg") local videoStream=videoSource:play() local videoSprite=videoStream:getVideo() stage:addChild(videoSprite)
  • Ok, I checked both version, and it appears that 3DObjLoader is actually much more advanced than objloader.lua, but they don't have the exact same API
  • Yes, I will compare both to be sure though
  • I have been approved yesterday, but didn’t try to upload something yet
  • Very soon I hope, but probably somewhere in February. Next chapter is almost ready to write.
  • Let’s be honest, you need to google around every time when you code, for a lot of reasons: finding assets, a math function, a look in a forum, etc. Even if you have a reference manual, you can’t do much without internet access.
  • Thanks for flagging, I fixed it. You were already in the slack group though
  • BTW I noticed that current plugin doesn't expose functions to query velocity and set/get damping. I added them for next release and I can send you an updated .dll if you wish.
  • It was working for me (i tried before replying), but I assumed it was a spaceship, in which case you’d want to keep lateral velocity since there are no frictions in space. Maybe you can query the current velocity, extract the lateral component and a…
  • @keszegh, enable compression and it should work.
  • I don't know what you should change, because I don't understand what you do with the coordinates and why. But a mediump mantissa is at least 10 bit, and a highp is at least 16. Since it works with highp and not mediump, then you must be needing more…
  • Well I mean it shouldn't have worked on Windows. If it did then some lua code was probably updating the fTime constant. Now why the same code would work on Windows and not on Android, I don't know beside that well known precision stuff.
  • also, precision does not explain the other issue with time variant not being updated, any ideas about that one? thanks I find it surprising that it is updated on desktop when declared just as {name="fTime",type=Shader.CFLOAT,vertex=false},. It miss…
  • To move like a ship, I'd do it that way: local gv=0 if isleft then gv=1 end if isright then gv=-1 end if isup then shipbody:applyForce(dx * force, 0, dz * force,ax+dz*gv,ay,az-dx*gv) end if isdown then shipbody:applyForce(-dx * force, 0, -dz …
  • The issue is usually that GL ES devices don't have enough floating point precision, at less less than desktop. I am not sure why you divide/multiply your coordinates by fTextureInfo parameters and only in X direction, but you may lose precision in t…
  • @plicatibu Yes, i have the same mistake I think it's a bug gideros @hgy29 Will look into it There was indeed a bug, image scales were sorted by an always 0 value instead of being sorted by scale, leading to this error. I fixed it in source code.
  • I think keyboard code was added here by mistake, probably by me! It is QT code, so shouldn't end up on native pi implementation. The getKeyboardModifiers function code in this file should be replaced by 'return 0;'. I changed it in my gideros repo.
  • Big thanks for your work @MoKaLux! Can somebody tell me if that breaks anything with gideros studio or if the grouping of things is wrong? I checked the API file generated from the wiki (https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/gidapi.php) and it seems cor…