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  • There was indeed an issue with outgoing mail, should be ok now.
  • @keszegh, it happens to me too on some devices. I suppose the DNS change isn’t fully propagated and you can hit the old server. dNS change can take up to three days depending on the TTL of the record. @SinisterSoft, thanks I didn’t check email rout…
  • Transfer done, I hope I didn’t break anything
  • It looks ok for me, maybe something in your cache @keszegh ?
  • Yes, this is something that should be done, the difficulty being that it makes the delivery process much more complex (several files to upload, need to keep track of versioning to prevent Gideros 2020.6 from downloading 2020.9 plugins/template), and…
  • Well, maybe @hgy29 can tell us if it is possible to fix clipping issue It must be something with "doDraw" CurrentTransform ... ? Clipping can only be axis aligned, so it won’t work with rotated/skewed sprites
  • And if you want to write a string as its hex representation: local s="Hello" print(("%02X"):rep(#s):format(s:byte(1,#s)))
    in formatting Comment by hgy29 September 1
  • Ok, All makefiles will have to be updated then
  • Thank you, I'm looking forward to use imgui!! Is it cross platform already? Thanks for sharing! I guess it is missing OSX and UWP, but not sure. @hgy29 can tell you It is fully cross platform already, except a minor bug prevents it from working out…
    in Gui? Comment by hgy29 August 31
  • Good news. First, I know why fonts looks so ugly, second, I dont know how to fix it Hope @hgy29 can help. And the problem is still with premultiplied alpha Here is the proof: As you can see it works with Light theme. But colors messed up (too br…
  • Yes, I know, the best way to do it I can think of would be to change Gideros code so that addEventListsner(event,handler,data) would become addEventListerner(event,handler,...) and add the necessary table.unpack() before calling the handler
  • @hgy29 I asked on the discord server about fonts and that is what I get: Any thoughts? Yes, I think the issue is on our side somehow, but alpha blending is correctly enabled and we already dealt with premultiplied alpha. Moreover the full texture…
  • You can assign your custom data to the button itself, and fetch the clicked button from the event. btn01.data={ ... } function Class:changeScene(evt) local data=evt:getTarget().data ... end
  • "module 'ImGui' not found" Ok, I think I know. There is a case mismatch between the module symbol name (imgui) and the file name (Imgui). I'll fix that. You can rename your Imgui.wasm file to imgui.wasm and change imgui.gplugin line 40 to export 'im…
  • It is supposed to be supported, but I didn't try. Do you get an error or something ?
  • Yes, it is a really great addition, although the version bundled in 2020.9 is three days old and you guys seem to be improving a lot recently. I guess it will be even greater in 2020.10
  • Yes. UWP side works, I think @SinisterSoft will test android soon
  • Upcoming API: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/Math
  • Ah, sorry, did know about that. I'll fix it someday I did it, maybe you'll want to sync with this: https://github.com/gideros/gideros/blob/master/plugins/imgui/source/Common/imgui_bindings.cpp
  • Sorry VLA are "variable length arrays". In standard C++, you can't write: char buffer[buffer_length]; unless buffer_length is a constant. Instead you have to allocate it dynamically: char *buffer=new char[buffer_length]; ... delete[] buffer;…
  • @rraptor, your code doesn't compile with visual studio! I am changing all VLA definitions to standard C++ way, please don't use them anymore.
  • I am also adding cross and dot products, since they are useful in geometry
  • Quick performance test: local X1,Y1,X2,Y2=1,2,3,4 local function dist_lua1(a) return ((X1-X2)*(X1-X2)+(Y1-Y2)*(Y1-Y2))^0.5 end local function dist_lua(X1,Y1,X2,Y2) return ((X1-X2)*(X1-X2)+(Y1-Y2)*(Y1-Y2))^0.5 end local function dist_lua2(a) retu…
  • @rraptor, what is the current status of your imgui plugin ? I made scripts to compile it for all platforms and I am almost ready to build Gideros 2020.9
  • Now that all platforms have FPU, I don't think it is worth skipping the sqrt() call. It is useful in lua because lua is interpreted, but it shouldn't make a notable difference in C
  • - length (a vector length) - distance (distance between two points, in 2D or in 3D) - normalize (divide a vector by its length) - raycasting, that is intersection between a line and some basic shapes (circle, line, polys) Thinking of it, it would b…
  • Added Android support to existing 'storereview' plugin. And added UWP support too at the same time.
  • But it is true that providing a few very common math helpers would be good, to bring both speed and simplicity. I am thinking about: - length (a vector length) - distance (distance between two points, in 2D or in 3D) - normalize (divide a vector by …
  • While I generally agree, could you be a bit more specific ? When it comes to using maths to solve a problem, you'll find most of the time that either your maths need to be dedicated to the particular problem you want to solve, and if it isn't then i…
  • Yes certainly! It would have been in previous version if I had heard of it eralier