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  • @rrraptor, that's really nice, i hope you will share the code. I will, but I need to make it faster, cuz right now its just light casting a lot or rays i also needed a way to determine if a point is in the shadow or lighted by at least one light, i…
  • So, thats what I was trying to make:
  • Damn, Im so dumb xD Its because of is3d flag that is passed to a Mesh constructor first. So the fix is very simple MeshBuilder = Core.class(Mesh, function() return false end)
  • @keszegh you can try to test your shader in KodeLife for example and see if it throws any errors? If not then, perhaps its not shader problem...?
  • Ok, I did it. You can close it with ALT+F4 on windows. But I successfully restored it by deleting GiderosMobile folder from %appdata%. Maybe you deleted wrong folder? Remove "windowState" line and should be fine...
  • How did u even closed it? xd I cant do it on windows.
  • A bit complicated xD local random = math.random local function clamp(v, min, max) return (v min) >< max end local function lerp(a,b,t) return a + (b-a) * t end Camera = Core.class(Sprite) function Camera:init(w,h) self.w = w self.h =…
    in camera Comment by rrraptor March 31
  • delete GiderosStudio folder in %appdata% ?
  • Hmm, how about that? In main.lua: local function LoadApp() -- setup variables, create scenes, load resources, etc. -- use getDeviceSafeArea end Core.asyncCall(LoadApp)
  • Added one more example: https://github.com/MultiPain/Gideros_examples/tree/master/NoiseFlowField
  • Made much more simpler version with viewport local VisibleW = 5 -- in tiles local VisibleH = 1 local COLUMNS = 5 local TILE = 32 -- WRAP effect setup local content = Sprite.new() stage:addChild(content) local mirror = Viewport.new() mirror:setCl…
  • With textures you are indeed limited to POT textures when repeating. Another technique is to use a viewport to your first sprite and place it next to the original sprite. Then slide the parent sprite modulo the size if the original sprite. You’ll ha…
  • @MoKaLux that is exactly what I did with RenderTarget. 4th argument is repeat flag. I kinda find the solution, but it requires to set width of RT to power of 2 number and then calculate proper tile size. So that works: local W = 9 -- amount of colu…
  • @hgy29 I made an update https://github.com/MultiPain/Gideros_FastNoise_binding/blob/master/binding.cpp Added tileable texture generation Added a separate function to set color table Color table format is changed to: {height_value, hex_color, […
  • but you can override the shader to use with a custom one on a sprite by sprite basis. I dont get it The only thing I can think is this: local fragmentShaderText = [[ uniform lowp vec4 fColor; uniform lowp sampler2D fTexture; varying mediump vec…
  • Another small update. Fixed a few bugs Renamed "setSolidBackgroud" to "background", "setTextureBackground" to "textureBackground" Now I'll try to add alignment
  • As far as I understand when you resize the window of your app all the elements adapt. Its not adapting to a screen size. You can do it by hands just in few lines. -- add resize listener with code: masterLayout:size(W,H) masterLayout:update()
  • @MoKaLux what do you mean?) There is no platform specific code at all. The only thing is: Layout:allowResize Its for debuging :P
  • Small update. Its possible now to add SUI component using "child" (or "childs") method like this: sui:layout(1280,720) :relSize(100,100) :cols() :paddingAll(4) :wrap(Layout.WRAP) :childs{ Layout.new(200):relHeight(100):cols():margin(4):padd…
  • so i still need a bloom shader that works 'out of the box' (meaning that there is no need to use multiple rendertargets etc lua additional work). I dont think its possible Steps you need to reproduce: One RT for thresholded brightness texture, sec…
  • @MoKaLux its easy to parse As an example, thats how you can get shader code: require "json" local APP_KEY = YOUR_KEY_HERE local STATUS = "" local Loader = UrlLoader.new() function queryShaderToy(search) local str = "https" .. "://www.shaderto…
  • @keszegh there is one in gideros examples
  • @keszegh exactly
  • i notice it also has this ":" thingy which was in @n1cke 's library and which seemed very alien to lua and to me. i'm not sure i even understand what happens there. local layout = Layout.new() :relSize(100,100) :cols() :childs{...} Same as local …
  • Also, added gamma correction shader: https://github.com/MultiPain/Gideros_examples/tree/master/GammaCorrection Its super simple Hm, the problem is that you cant apply shader to a Mesh :P
  • @keszegh create antialias border apply shader? Made an example: https://github.com/MultiPain/Gideros_examples/tree/master/FXAA_shader
  • @keszegh probably what you are looking for is this: https://blog.johnnovak.net/2016/09/21/what-every-coder-should-know-about-gamma/#gradients
  • @MoKaLux as a suggestion, add pcall() to prevent app from crushing if something went wrong. Something like that: local TestClass = Core.class(Sprite) function TestClass:init() local gfx = Pixel.new(math.random(0xffffff),1,32,32) gfx:setAnchorPoint…
  • @rraptor, wild guess: UAC ? try to run your player/exported project under administrative rights... No, its because of the Cyrillic alphabet in the folder path with exe