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  • Finally we got our Appstore account working and Mashballs is now available on Apple Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mashballs/id568842422 This would not be possible without many of you guys and without Gideros. So thank you, and we want y…
  • These are exactly kind of things we want to catch and fix before releasing to IOS and starting any promotion on the game. So thank you all for all the comments and reports.
  • http://www.facebook.com/jenotscom ours
  • @zvarind thank you for reporting that, we will look into. Could you please specify on which level in which pack did that happen? First pack is an introduction with 6 levels, and second pack is full one.
  • @GregBUG working on new levels as we speak, they are already created, now they are tested and will get some last design touches before release. New levels will be a little more puzzle like, which would require some skill. @gorkem we will probabl…
  • Thanks @GregBUG I really like game and GFX... very polished... B-) Yes we have great designers on our team. Proud with it myself. Still planning to improve in next apps and your splashscreen while game is in loading is FANTASTIC! @-) You re…
  • @Scouser thank you, that'll help
  • My main problem basically is, that if I use lua to manipulate AdMob, basically if I use this example code: require "myAdMob" myAdMob.loadAd("youradmobid") myAdMob.changeAdPos(0, 480) myAdMob.showAd() I can't run my app anymore in Gideros Player, b…
  • Hello, can anyone share on how to use this plugin? Implementing ads is the last step left before realesing the app. Mostly interested in AdMob. Some (maybe stupid) questions: 1) Do I need to simply copy some dll to some folder or modify exported a…
  • MashBalls Genre: Arcade/Puzzle While playing pinball, did you ever wanted to control the ball using your magical powers? In new Mashballs game you can do that. Including: collecting points, overcoming obstacles, accelerate on super bouncers, swit…