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  • @keszegh have you tried right clicking on the screen?
    in 2D lighting Comment by MoKaLux April 7
  • you can see the camera class in action Camera uses triggers put in the tiled map. https://mokalux.itch.io/gideros-platformer-lf Using liquidfun, tiled. PS: liquidfun doesn't work the same on html5 (some collisions bug). The same code works fine on …
    in camera Comment by MoKaLux April 5
  • here is the above scene I build using tiled: sample code is here: http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/comment/62142/#Comment_62142
  • We can already make a scene using r3d and the obj class. The ground, walls, houses, bins are different 3d objects. The problem is arranging the 3D scene, I tried using tiled, that works but I have to work from a top down view and know the exact dim…
  • @oleg I think that's the models hgy29 used (low poly models). You can see the rounding of the road is quite smooth.
  • Great work. After experimenting with 3d I discovered I needed height field shape: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/R3d.HeightFieldShape.new Are you using it in your demo? From the demo it seems each models are separated (trees, hills, ...) b…
  • I think I understand
  • Damn, Im so dumb xD No you're not, on the contrary
  • the colors are more vivid on my pc screen (I have set my android screen to 100% brightness to compare). Sorry I didn't answer your question, that was just an info
  • fyi setColorTransform does not give the same results on pc and android self.mybgbmp:setColorTransform(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1)
  • you are wonderful hgy29
  • godot is an open source game engine and they got unreal grant gideros fits this category (the last one): Tool & Open-Source Developers and as keszegh mentionned: "Are you making something awesome, but aren’t sure which category it falls under…
  • i also think it would be worth a shot. "Are you making something awesome, but aren’t sure which category it falls under? Please apply." @hgy29 with some minimal effort there is a chance that you get some funding to do what you already do anyhow. @h…
  • here is rrraptor's camera class: --[[ -- rrraptor A camera which can follow any sprite using Clamp and Lerp functions. Ideal for platformers, RPG, ... -- USAGE self.camera = CameraCL.new(myappwidth, myappheight) self.camera:addChild(ground) self.c…
    in camera Comment by MoKaLux March 31
  • @rrraptor I need some more help How do you want to call your camera class? that's for the wiki A few suggestions (camera is to vague): -rrraptorCamera ? -cameraCL (for Clamp and Lerp)?
    in camera Comment by MoKaLux March 31
  • A bit complicated xD @rrraptor MAGNIFICO you are my hero of the day Thank you very much for your help
    in camera Comment by MoKaLux March 31
  • @rrraptor thank you will give it a try corona cameras: https://github.com/Zetosoft/dynacam https://github.com/roaminggamer/RGCamera https://gist.github.com/GymbylCoding/8675733 and one that also looks awesome but for love2d: https://github.com/a…
    in camera Comment by MoKaLux March 31
  • @hgy29 like you did in Arthur & Aziliz at the beginning of the game, when the player jumps the camera doesn't move. The camera moves only when the player reaches a certain point. How can I do this please?
    in camera Comment by MoKaLux March 31
  • @hgy29 thank you for your answer. I want my camera to follow the player but not when he jumps only when he goes up/down a hill/platform... I have read that you should reposition the camera only when the player lands on a platform by putting triggers…
    in camera Comment by MoKaLux March 31
  • added tooltips. https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/UI_Buttons#Button_with_Text.2C_Pixel.2C_Images_UDD.2C_9_Patch.2C_Tooltip PS: one problem though, if you move the mouse too quickly the tooltip will remain on screen, the same on mobiles! PS2:…
  • There is also this tutorial by hgy29: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/2D_Space_Shooter_Part_2:_Background He uses -- Compute screen bounds SCR_LEFT,SCR_TOP,SCR_RIGHT,SCR_BOTTOM=application:getLogicalBounds()
  • Excerpt: -- the params self.params = xparams or {} -- textures? self.params.imgup = xparams.imgup or nil -- img up path self.params.imgdown = xparams.imgdown or self.params.imgup -- img down path self.params.imgdisabled = xparams.imgdisabled o…
  • @SinisterSoft oh la la I am really sorry I created two pages in the wiki that should be deleted https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/Pixel:getAlpha https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/Pixel:setAlpha I was playing with the Pixel class and…
  • I see box2d in action here
  • You can try to save your generated pixels to a texture then use it like hgy29 did. This will work for any size I mean save the rt to a file in |D| or |T| and then use it as a texture. RenderTarget:save(filename,x,y,width,height)
  • I can't test your code right now, but may I suggest something? From hgy29 space shooter tutorial on the wiki: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/2D_Space_Shooter_Part_2:_Background he uses a texture with wrap: local far=Texture.new("gfx/star_f…
  • that looks so nice
  • I was talking about your layout system (cf your initial post). As far as I understand when you resize the window of your app all the elements adapt. So it's only for desktop apps?
  • @rrraptor is your code specific to resizable desktop apps or for mobile as well?
  • Can somebody please delete this page: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/RenderTarget:getTexelSize Thank you. Maybe you @SinisterSoft