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Hello everyone, I have missed you for so long. What a fantastic job you have done on gideros mobile. I am returning to gideros after a very long period of time. Wish me luck. Regards.


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  • yep harbuzz looks pretty amazing, thanks for the addition. I thought I needed to activate the plugin first and then do some include stuff but no, it just works out of the box! Some sample code: local csvaw01 = csv:getField(1, "txtAr") local awfo…
  • many thanks for the new release! I am looking forward to trying harfbuzz!
  • thank you for this detailed approach to presenting a game!
  • hi @oleg thank you for the hints I'll try that asap. Very much appreciated. Peace.
  • @antix hello there, I have uninstalled/reinstalled gideros and now everything is fine again. Thank you. PS: i won't touch zbs again!
  • hi apollo14, you have very good writing skills and good humor too! I am looking forward to reading your devlog. Peace.
  • damn, when the player is launched when I press the stop button, the player also crashes! Do you think uninstalling gideros is the solution? OK THAT DID THE TRICK - UNINSTALL REINSTALL -> ALL OK NOW.
  • yep I had to stop the process as well.
  • hi @keszegh no I don't think I have changed it, I just opened it with zbs. At first zbs said gproj not found but then everything was ok.
  • now my gideros player keeps crashing! I tried ZBS, I messed up with debugging, ... now every time I click CTRL+R in gideros studio to test the app, the gideros player crashes!!!
  • @hgy29 I think you're on the right path, I am working on my arabic lua thing so we can compare. Thank you for your precious help.
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux May 6
  • @hgy29 the BOSS has spoken! thank you very much, I am going to change that code! youpi I used your fix number 2 and it works like a charm. Thank you very much for your kind help.
  • I have tried debugging in both, but the debugger won't stop at the line where I have put the mark. It is in the load function so it gets executed before being debugged! Could you tell me what you think may be the cause of my bug? It happens only wh…
  • I tried but the debugger doesn't stop on my break point! The program runs fine but I cannot debug it!
  • @keszegh thank you, I did not know you wrote this zbs tutorial. In fact, after installing zbs I read your tutorial and the debugging code for zbs is from your tutorial.
  • I have now installed ZBS for debugging but it doesn't stop on my break point! I have copied mobdebug to my project then clicked exclude from execution. Then in my main at the top I have: io.stdout:setvbuf('no') --if arg[#arg] == "-debug" then requ…
  • I used the following test: local f=TTFont.new("NotoSansArabic-Black.ttf",100) local t=TextField.new(f,utf8.char(1614,1606)) t:setPosition(100,100) stage:addChild(t) Hello hgy29, the code works for letters and vowels but they are not aligned (I…
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux May 5
  • @antix hello, yes I am planning to do some scrolling. I think I need to use cbump so I have more freedom with scaling and sizes. I don't expect my player to be the same size as the tiles! What a journey!
  • hello there gideros people. another test project: It is only the beginning. I need to animate the player and I would like to add a camera. Animating the player should be ok, but the camera idk.
  • so you mean that asking the user permission is ok but you cannot save to android? It is a feature I am planning to use later on and that doesn't work above sdk 23? Damn google! They really want us to use android studio!
  • @kussakov hello there, I have some java code for you. 1- export your gideros project to android studio 2- in the onCreate method: // ask permission to write if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 23) { if (isPermissionWriteES()…
  • in fact this is the option that got me into using gideros.
  • i thought i had to use the old export!
  • @kussakov hello there, In android studio to request user permission through an app, you need to write some java code requesting those permissions. Now that google tells us to target android version 26 minimum I believe we need to implement this in …
  • Congrats.
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux April 18
  • thank you @hgy29 . I understand your points. When I am back I will try an example with your code and show you how I would use it. Take it easy!
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux April 18
  • I used the following test: local f=TTFont.new("NotoSansArabic-Black.ttf",100) local t=TextField.new(f,utf8.char(1614,1606)) t:setPosition(100,100) stage:addChild(t) This piece of code looks great. I will have to test it! It supports vowels an…
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux April 17
  • @hgy29 there is a link from another engine where they discuss it: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/982 https://github.com/godotengine/godot/pull/21791 The conversation is interesting because they speak of licences too. The code is C++. …
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux April 17
  • @hgy29 one thing I can do is to use your class and tell you where it fails. Plus for the vowels we need to have a code for them as well. For example letter N + vowel A = 16061614 in unicode. نَ 16061614 where ن = 1606 and 1614 =…
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux April 16
  • I don't think my solution is the answer to dealing with arabic in gideros, but it works for my projects. The only problem is that it has a limited number of characters (15 in my gideros function), but it can handle vowels, spaces, comma, column, ..…
    in Arabic Comment by MoKaLux April 16