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  • hello @antix gideros studio for me! All the way!
  • hello gideros people. I am starting a YT gideros studio series. Hope that will help new comers! Have fun. You can help with the videos by commenting the videos and correcting when I am wrong so people learn more. Thanks. edit: @oleg thanks for …
  • hello @LostVGM please refer to this link: http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/7652/what-about-gideros#latest Have fun!
  • @totebo you've got some pretty nice games! 5 stared!
  • @oleg ok thank you I will do it via android studio then. ps: ramabot = bot? ps\\ Android SDK version (optional)==minSdkVersion. Oh I misread you, so Android SDK version (optional)==minSdkVersion. I am going to try that.
  • @talis thank you for your feedback. I am afraid that does not work! This parameter refers to: Starting August 1, 2019, Google Play requires that new apps target at least Android 9.0 (API level 28), and that app updates target Android 9.0 from Nove…
  • hello there gideros people. @oleg I am hijacking your post Is it possible to change minimum supported android api in gideros? Right now gideros supports android api 4.0 and above. I would like to target android 5.1 and above (because of harfbu…
  • ok, I'll add it now as an example in the textfield wiki. edit: done https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/TextField
  • hello there @oleg there is this style for text color inside a string: local text = TextField.new(nil, "This is a \e[color=#f005]semi transparent red\e[color] text") text:setPosition(32, 64) stage:addChild(text)
  • @Apollo14 ok, you win! This is awesome stuff! I don't know how I am going to handle all this?! Piece by piece I guess but this is HUGE, 10 years of awesome stuff condensed into the wiki!? Is this even possible? Thank you very much for this, I am …
  • ok new section added: https://wiki.giderosmobile.com/index.php/Welcome! Under Advanced: Examples (AKA Gideros Forum Gems) feel free to add some gems!
  • the boss has spoken
  • no, I mean you can try to apply setColorTransform in the function where you replace parts of the target color. Can you show us some sample pictures or you can try to create your own sprite based on your target: http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discus…
  • @tetnic hello there, have you tried: source:setColorTransform(r, g, b, 1) This may help?
  • @SinisterSoft perfect! Now that you've modified the gideros wiki home page I don't know where to put the new section How shall I name the new section? I am thinking of "gideros sample code" or "gideros forum snippet" or "gideros forum gems snip…
  • Hello there gideros coders, I am happy to say that the new wiki homepage is clear. By that I mean all the links are valid, the "complete guide to gideros studio" is complete (as per the original publication). I did a bit of cleaning: typo and for…
  • well done hotbuttered game. I don't see it in my country yet! I am in Luxembourg (near france).
  • you may need to activate the test mode on the phone: Ok, I did that and now that's working. I should be on the leaderboard. Nice game @oleg .
  • @oleg ok I have installed google play game. I can see your game in the play game games. But no leaderboard in the game itself!
  • @oleg ok done. Very very nice game, congratulations. There was no option to save to leaderboard, maybe my score was too low? I had 66! Or maybe I don't have google play service? I could not rate it too: it says "server failure..." Other than that…
  • @Apollo14 thank you I will do that!
  • @antix yes it is a big job and you were in the great coders that I forgot to mention in my previous post. I just wanted to ask before hurting anyone's feelings. Is that a yes from you?
  • thank you @oleg for your help. I will not update the app for the moment, I need to take a rest. The excel way of doing translation is excellent though. When need be I will provide such an excel file but for now guys I don't want to bother you. PS:…
  • @keszegh for sure I will download it now!
  • @oleg oh I may have missed this info. Do you have a link please? I have found one article: "She explained that, soon, the average rating calculation for apps will be updated for all Android i apps on Google Play. Instead of a lifetime cumulative va…
  • hello @Apollo14 how are you? In this case I hope other people will realize that this is unfair and don't trust his/her comment. But yes this lowers my app rating and that is bad, I don't understand those kind of people! Shame on them!
  • hello gideros people, Can I add a new page on the wiki where I would gather all code snippet found here on this wonderful forum? Then anybody (who has wiki permission) could add sample code to do various thing (draw button, add ads, …). This page …
  • @oleg very true. I tried to be that artist but soon found out that I am not good at drawing
  • hi @oleg I have already done one paint app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mokalux.paintxht&hl=fr please have a look but don't look at the google play video because it is very old and did not update the video nor the screen c…
  • what is an arpg? I am not that of a gamer! castelvania? or something like this video? Ah I see, some kind of Zelda or maybe pokemon?