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  • final test and source code. Camera: FPS thanks to hgy29 Basic AABB3D collisions: player vs ground, player vs wells For the wall collisions I would have to draw each walls separately and check for collisions but I preferred to do the "map" in blende…
    in 3D Comment by MoKaLux 12:32AM
  • thank you @hgy29 . I lost myself in those formulas, I wouldn't have figured out your solution. And this is now an excellent following camera. I am gonna have more fun with it... and collisions (I already "collide" with the ground) ... and animations…
    in 3D Comment by MoKaLux September 18
  • some more 3D stuff. Ground collision + player jumping + better control. I am surprised how easy it is to setup all the 3D stuff, only a couple of lines of code. I modified the obj importer class so I could move my .obj files to my gfx assets fold…
    in 3D Comment by MoKaLux September 18
  • thank you very much @tetnic
  • ok I have changed it to be in the |T| folder. @tetnic could you please try? @all please submit gideros to be added as a new tool, engine. I already made a request but I believe the more requests the faster. Link https://itch.io/suggest-a-tool It's…
  • I don’t know him personally, but I see his posts/ads on FB regularly. We can certainly talk if he is interested in gideros, and with even greater pleasure if it is about teaching gideros to future developers. Sorry I misread your post, of course he…
  • thank you for the feedback. What I am doing in the "game" when creating the tilemap: 1- there is one tile (64x64) in the gideros assets/gfx folder 2- from this tile I create a full tileset (around 16 tiles variations based on the 1 tile) createTiles…
  • @hgy29 I added your code to document the wiki for setStencilOperation and setLayoutParameters. Thanks.
  • a video of the effect would help.
  • I don't know what the effect should be but I have tried something, hope this help? local bg = Bitmap.new(Texture.new("gfx/vip/background.png")) local ticket = Bitmap.new(Texture.new("gfx/vip/ticket.png")) local text = Bitmap.new(Texture.new("gfx/vip…
  • oh so you are the one Will anybody ever use it? that is the question. I still think we should remove it completely from gideros because people will want to know how this work and try to use it.
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 14
  • sorry I forgot to post my answer: I created a Sprite with anchorPoints(0, 0) so I can check for collisions and I add the player (Bitmap) as a child of the sprite with anchorPoint(0.5, 0.5) so I can flip. Peace.
  • some clipper image: the blue part is the clipper result. It does not work well with every type of clipping though.
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 14
  • ok I had it working but what a mess! require "clipper" function createPolygon(xpoints, xcolor) local myshape = Shape.new() myshape:setFillStyle(Shape.SOLID, xcolor or 0xff0000, 1) myshape:beginPath() myshape:moveTo(xpoints:getPoints()[1][1], xpo…
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 14
  • I agree with you @oleg . It is just out of curiosity. The more you know gideros the more ideas come to mind!
  • thank you guys, I am going to follow your example, make some nice code and add it to the wiki. I was so curious about this clipper thing. You are the best! Viva gideros.
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 14
  • just what I was looking for, thank you @Apollo14
  • I found this example: Polygon clipping example local clipper = require 'clipper' local p1 = clipper.Path() p1:add(100,100) p1:add(150,100) p1:add(150,150) p1:add(100,150) local p2 = clipper.Path() p2:add(100,120) p2:add(150,120) p2:add(150,130) p…
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 14
  • no worries though. My last attempt: require "clipper" local subject = Polygon.new(Polygon.FILL_EVEN_ODD) subject:addPoint(0, 0) subject:addPoint(16, 16) subject:addPoint(16, 32) subject:addPoint(0, 32) subject:addPoint(-16, 16) subject:addPoint(-32…
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 13
  • yes I have tried with this function (I don't use zerobrane). function tprint (tbl, indent) if not indent then indent = 0 end local toprint = string.rep(" ", indent) .. "{\r\n" indent = indent + 2 for k, v in pairs(tbl) do toprint = topr…
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 13
  • welcome back to gideros. Yes it's very hard to find THE ENGINE but fear not we have found it! I tried a lot of them (the latest being g...t). They all have their flaws: for example when you export and apk the size can be 100Mb for a hello world proj…
  • for the current one this could help: https://github.com/gideros/giderosplugins/blob/master/Clipper/apireference.html and then myc is still just an abstract polygon object, not a sprite, so first from reading its vertices (by using myc:getPoints() ) …
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 13
  • @keszegh yes that looks very similar to what we have in gideros. I don't think I am going to need it soon but I was just curious about how to use it a simple example would be nice for the wiki. Thank you for your insights I am going to try what you…
    in clipper Comment by MoKaLux September 13
  • @oleg there are only two sounds (shots and coins) I will try to add the sound for walking.
  • @oleg thank you for the feedback. I will have a look at the walking speed, will test different speed. Yes I have noticed the sliding effect will have a look again. The mini map doesn't show the whole level that's normal so you don't see the whole le…
  • @oleg it works on my side w10 x64. Did you try fullscreen and then click on the game? Everything is fine with me that's strange. Can anybody else try please?
  • Why are there no sounds in the game? It worked for you the first time? I did not change anything but the gameplay. You can try with ms edge? PS: I suggested to itch.io the gideros studio tag as an engine, it was not mentioned, what a shame. I sent …
  • @oleg I tested it on ms edge and firefox = works ok. tested on ms ie11 = does not work. You need to click on escape (it's a button)
  • Nice! If I made platformer I would try to juice it this way: @Apollo14 I updated the game with your great video (not all of the advice but many). My game needed it to better represent gideros to people @oleg added some sound