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  • I received an AppleTV Dev Kit too and I started to work on this yesterday before reading the forums. In fact it seems I just made almost the same changes as @ar2rsawseen... I wasn't able to run a player because of the storage issue but my game wor…
  • Yes @ar2rsawseen the Apple Remote is detected as controller and it has a built in accelerometer. I thought there was more controllers out ther with accelerometers (like the wii) but I'm don't know much about games (I don't like playing video games, …
  • The main difference is that this acceleration is not related to the device, but related to the controller... Also the GCMotion provides attitude and rotation rate that I think are equivalent to the Device Gyroscope (but again, related to the control…
  • Yes, it is accelerometer data. Is it defined on the controller?
  • @totebo Yes, either paid apps or freemium... IAP is available. @ar2rsawseen mmm... the problem is that I need to implement other things like GCMotion and it is not defined on that binding... I think the best solution would be to replace the iOS par…
  • I completed the AppleTV support code and I sent a pull request so I hope it will be mainstream soon. I created a universal template that compile to iOS or AppleTV and works with the current Gideros Studio simply by replacing the iOS Template. Unf…
  • I just created a new iOS & AppleTV Template that just works! I dropped it to the Gideros Studio Mac bundle, export a game and you can compile the game for both iOS and AppleTV @ar2rsawseen I just created a pull request with the changes made. P…
  • @SinisterSoft it should support MFI (alpha stage) but it didn't work for me... I started to tweak it to make it work but there is a non-defined function (findKeyCode) in the sample code that I'm not sure what it refers to... However the library I ma…
  • Finally is available for iPhone and iPad too!
  • I'm new in Gideros game development. I just completed one simple game (http://tinyneo.com) and I just saw yours and I can say it is great and addictive! I'm interested to know about ad revenue. What ad networks are you using? How they work for you?…
  • I censored the name to not advertise it too much! I guess everybody knows what it is. I tried to post the link but the system didn't allow me to! But it seems it allows me now! You can install it from here: http://tinyneo.com