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  • @ar2rsawseen Thanks for your interest in helping I finally got around the issue after many tries and reading the instructions over and over. The thing was that I didn't figure I had to delete the frameworks both from the folder and from the zip fil…
  • Cool stuff, thanks for sharing
  • Sorry to bump this again. Does anyone have a clue as to what can be my issue?
  • Thanks both for your replies. @boriskey Sure, here's the screenshot. It doesn't upload so I'm giving a link: http://giddelcreations.com/images/ProjectScreenshot1.png @ar2rsawseen The error I posted before was because I had deleted all files of ot…
  • Sound like fun! Hope to see your game ported soon
    in Howdy Comment by Disciple October 2014
  • @ar2rsawseen Thanks for your help! I added all the frameworks you pointed out, both in the Build Phases tab as you can see in the screenshot, and in the General tab. I put all the files that are in the original Ads zip folder in the repo. I had the …
  • Hi, I'm having an issue with the Ads interface on Xcode, if anyone can help me it'd be great! I already searched in the forums and haven't found how to get around this. I want to use AdMob, I added the Ads folder to the project by right clicking an…
  • Have you tried exporting the assets only? Like @Nascode said. Then you replace your assets folder in your project.
  • Well, in case anyone needs it, the answer to this issue is here: http://giderosmobile.com/forum/discussion/4644/updated-to-xcode-5-1-now-causes-93-errors-when-exporting/p1
  • I'm glad it worked Yeah it's the same and it's off topic to your question. I just meant for tidiness sake. Personally I prefer something like this but it's the same (sorry for not putting it as code, I don't know how to ) : function CEO_M1:onEnte…
  • Can't quite tell without messing around with the code but an easier way to remove sprites is through removeFromParent(). So the way I'd do it is to get rid of the "isDead" variable and remove them right away by writing "bulletArray[key]:removeFromPa…
  • Sure, you're right, and it has happened as well. Yet it has been only a few times and nothing compared to the times I was relieved to have saved. Though I don't see how a program that does that same thing would help. Maybe I just don't know well ho…
  • Looks like you beat me in answering @talis. Hope the sample is useful, though
  • Built in, I don't think so, but I did something like that in my game. I dissected the needed parts and made this example for you to download.
  • @Platipus totally agree!
  • "self" refers to the class you're into. It basically says that you're managing a variable (or function) from that class and not a global one, and also keeps it stored (which doesn't happen for "local" variables, which only work into the same functio…
  • Just as you said I found some issues when creating the .ipa package. I need to send the file to another device, but it's displaying 93 errors and 27 warnings. I ran it in my device and it worked fine. I looked up for a solution like the one in the l…
  • Me too, cmd + S every 1 second No better solution
  • As @Cyberience says, that's the best way to learn in my opinion. Set a very simple game as a goal. Then grow on complexity as you learn more. Make a Flappy Bird or something like that, and then move on to a Flappy Eagle. I don't know a lot of langu…
  • Not to sound ironic but I use ctrl+s almost at the end of every line. It's saved me a lot of headaches. Notepad++ is a great option, as you mentioned.
  • I've run the emulator, not created an .ipa package yet. I will post it here then, thanks!!
  • Finally got around the issue. The problem was that, despite the fact that I deleted (as far as I know) the old Xcode, when I opened the project from the Finder it was opened with the old program. I started a new project from scratch following a tuto…
  • The Xcode version is 5.1.1 (this shows up in the info on the Xcode application in the Applications folder in the Mac, I guess that's it). I think it has to do with the Base SDK, as it said there wasn't an "iphoneos" SDK, but all I find in the option…
  • Can you post a code sample to test it out?
  • @ar2rsawseen Thanks a lot!! Really, thanks for you taking the time between your projects to lend a hand on this. It's working fine now. I wouldn't have guessed that line was the problem.
  • Hey @ar2rsawseen . Have you been able to test it out? No pressure, it's just I'm stuck at this point and the things I've tried haven't worked
  • Great post @ar2rsawseen! As for me I don't see a reason to switch to another platform, at least for now. Gideros does what I need and it's a great tool. A statement wouldn't hurt, though, I'm waiting to know how the labs will go.
  • Thanks for the head-off! I learned some things too. I'm glad I could help. I see it works now! (y)
  • I added some lines to your code and you can see how to get the angle. I haven't worked with Box2d so I'm not used to what was in there. Therefore I didn't find where to set the rotation for the actual arrow ("soccerball") but rather it was set to a…
  • Sent. Thanks for helping me solve this! I even made a simple project only to send a score to the leaderboard and check it and the same happened. I exported the assets only to replace as it was the full game though, naming the package the same as t…