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  • I use this awesome feature all the time Is this buggy ? Seems very useful, since we need delete one by one all of theme.
  • Available since version: Gideros 2018.6.1 - Ive checked, my false !
  • It should work only for banners, I think
  • Text.lua part Text = Core.class(Sprite) function Text:init(value, font, size, color, substrate, shift) local font = TTFont.new(font, size, false, true)
  • I am getting "Fatal Exception: com.giderosmobile.android.player.LuaException: Invalid font size." crash report. But it doesnt happen on every sessions. Randomly, it crashes the app even if the font size is valid. I have same NOW, very annoying ! 1…
  • @SinisterSoft Yes, I found some information about here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5129027/android-application-to-pause-resume-the-music-of-another-music-player-app
  • @antix ain't we should implement this option ?
  • Fixed in 2018.3.3 Awesome work! Thank you, Nico!
  • Ok, managed to reproduce it, and it seems that trying to draw something inside a suspend/resume event triggers this bad behavior. Fix is on the way. Yeah, in this topic is fully listed test case, just needed to paste in main.lua. Waiting for your f…
  • Actually changes to the repo are still reviewed by 'core team', but anyone can submit changes through 'pull requests', and we'll be happy to apply the changes whenever they don't break anything Awesome, why i didnt knew this before ! No more shout
  • AND FIX THIS DAMN DOCUMENTATION PLEASE @Yan, you'd better fix it yourself instead of shouting, that's how opensource works. https://github.com/gideros/gideros/blob/master/docsrc/Ads.xml Wow, didnt know that it is full opened for all ! Thanks Nicko…
  • "для минутного видео 10 секунд будет маловато наверное" -перегляд відео оплачується не за повний перегляд, 10 сек достатньо Супер, спасибо И отдельное спасибо за ман в PDF а где ты его отрыл ?
  • Gideros has many hidden gems we're yet to discover Not the 1st time deal with it, unfortunately =(
  • Okay for ALL !!! Ive found the right way theres a hidden Event admob:addEventListener(Event.AD_REWARDED, function() p('HERE') end) Use Event.AD_REWARDED for proper getting adWatched event !!! AND FIX THIS DAMN DOCUMENTATION PLEASE docs.giderosmobi…
  • про маркетинг: - те що ти хочеш зробити ти цим збільшиш кількість переглядів НЕ ЦІЛЬОВИХ - тобто ціна за перекляд релами упаде, і при відсутності інтернету твоя гра не буле працювати приведе це все до того що нахапаєшся мінусів в плеймаркеті..…
  • Seems this function is missed https://developers.google.com/android/reference/com/google/android/gms/ads/reward/RewardedVideoAdListener abstract void onRewardedVideoCompleted() Called when a rewarded video ad completes playing. In this Class C:…
  • це не баг, це міжсторінкове оголошення, а для твоїх цілей треба "відео з винагородою". або просто при старті реклами засікай час, і якшо рекламу закрили раніше за 10 секунд -ти знаєш що її не дивились. Попробовал я rewared. Так же событие срабат…
  • це не баг, це міжсторінкове оголошення, а для твоїх цілей треба "відео з винагородою". або просто при старті реклами засікай час, і якшо рекламу закрили раніше за 10 секунд -ти знаєш що її не дивились. Спасибо, правда звучит как костыль, я видел…
  • I think there are more documents in the Reference - yes, thats right. I choosed this page because theres a lot of tags. Well, Ill be waiting untill this been fixed ) Thanks for reply
  • Hi bros, there's a probs in Reference docs.giderosmobile.com/reference/plugin/GoogleBilling#GoogleBilling some html tags are converted to enteties and page kinda not readable.
  • no need to rewrite code, liquidfun plugin uses the same bindings as box2d Well, Ive just tried liquidfund, and theres still same fps drop, unfortunately. So The only way is to reduce box2d objects ? Maybe my code has some really tiny places ?
  • also add the 'liquidfun' plugin to your project Ok, I did added plugin and added require. Do I should rewrite any code to use Liquid instead of Box2d - or my init code the same (b2.World.new(0, 9,8, true)) ?
  • You could try to use liquidfun plugin instead of box2d (require 'liquidfun'): box2d is liquidfun 1.0.0 while liquidfun is liquidfun 1.1.0. maybe the code is more efficient in 1.1.0. Otherwise it is true that box2d consumes a lot of CPU. require comm…
  • fps=3 Asus Google Nexus 7 can instead of box2d use bump? https://github.com/kikito/bump.lua You upset me much =(. No I cant because there a really big game created via Box2D. I just removing tiny places, and now I feel very embarrassed, after ur 3 …
  • Fixed file and link in first post, try please
  • Gideros account on sourceforge seems to have been deleted yesterday evening, without any kind of prior notice. They definitely lost my esteem now. I'll continue uploading releases to github and try to provide a mirror on another server for last rele…
  • @Yan - this is the latest liquid fun 1.1.0 - Gideros normally uses 1.0.0 Eventually I think the plan is to move Box2D/LiquidFun out of gideros and into a plugin - so if you don't use it then the executable could be much smaller. Nice ! Would be mor…
  • Isn't ParticleSystem was a Liquidfun implement ?, anyway documentation of liquidfun was totally equal to b2.World:createParticleSystem(particleSysDef) ? Any info about LF plugin ?