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  • Thanks for luaJIT, ar2rsawseen. Great. When I export my program to android with luaJIT, it takes much longer to start than before. I tried jit.off(true, true) but still it starts slow. Am I supposed to try something else? And os.tmpname() gets an…
  • Beside onLocationUpdate works fine, onHeadingUpdate is called only once when geolocation:start is called. onHeadingUpdate isn't called even you call geolocation:stop() and geolocation:start() again. Is this a bug or I'm using onHeadingUpdate in wron…
  • Thanks for your efforts, ar2rsawseen. I have one more question. Everytime I try to capture the screen from the gideros windows player running on monitor #2, I get a whole screen of monitor #1. Is there any way to get right scene from monitor #2?
  • In case the path (e.path) from Event.MEDIA_RECEIVE contains unicode, the unicode gets replaced with "??". e.g.) C:/Users/??/AppData/Local/Temp/gideros/mediafiles/20140204_231814_gideros.png Is there any way to avoid this case except "do not use …
  • Thanks for your answer. Hope it would be fixed soon.